BMX Legend Dave Mirra Dies Of An Apparent Suicide At 41

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We are during a detriment for words…

On Thursday, BMX contestant Dave Mirra died of an purported suicide. His physique was detected in his lorry in Greenville, North Carolina with an apparent gunshot wound to a head.

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The 41-year-old was in a area visiting friends.

The bike fable — who once had a record for a many X Games medals — leaves behind a mother and a child.

Earlier that day, he posted a following pic of him and his associate on Instagram :

My rock! Thank godA print posted by Dave Mirra (@davemirra) on Feb 4, 2016 during 11:17am PST

Mirra’s crony and associate BMX contestant T.J. Lavin gave a following statement:

“I only wish he would have called me. we would have jumped on a craft in a second. There’s always another way. If anyone needs help, only greatfully get it. we feel ill about this.”

In further to his jaunty pursuits, a New York-native hosted dual seasons of Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV.

Authorities are currently questioning his death.

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