Bloodhound supersonic automobile fires adult Eurofighter engine

Media captionThe engine was designed to work in a jet fighter, not in a car

The Bloodhound supersonic automobile has been dismissed adult for a initial time – and worked a treat.

Engineers incited over a vehicle’s Eurofighter jet engine in a “tie-down” exam during Cornwall’s Newquay airfield on Friday.

It worked flawlessly, promulgation a large orange fire out of a back nozzle.

The goal is for a automobile to start some “slow-speed” regulating – about 200mph (320km/h) – during a finish of subsequent month.

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Andy Green says he has “huge confidence” now in a car’s performance

The group had been endangered that a Rolls-Royce EJ200 energy section competence have some operational problems being in a automobile as against to sitting in a warrior aircraft.

But when motorist Andy Green flicked a switches in his cockpit, a engine illuminated adult and achieved accurately to a specification.

It was explanation also that all a car’s electronic systems, a computers, and program were operative as designed.

“It’s blown us away, frankly,” Wing Commander Green told BBC News.

“It’s given us outrageous certainty going forward. We now know a engine has no boundary usually since it’s in a car. It is an EJ200 with a full opening pouch accessible to us, underneath all conditions, from still onwards.”

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A unequivocally clever wire was used to keep Bloodhound static

October’s slow-speed regulating should have paved a approach for an try on a universe land speed record in 2018, yet it looks now as yet a plan will have to trip another year.

Bloodhound SSC will competition in South Africa on a specifically prepared, dried-out lake-bed, regulating both a jet engine and a rocket motor.

The aim is to lift a stream record of 763mph (1,228km/h) to 800mph (1,288km/h), and afterwards eventually to take it above 1,000mph (1,610km/h).

However, a conditions during Hakskeen Pan in Northern Cape are unequivocally usually suitable for regulating in a duration from Jul to Nov – and removing a automobile entirely prepared to accommodate this window in 2018 is now seen as unachievable.

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Artwork: The aim is to lift a land speed record above 800mph in a initial instance

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A prosaic lane has been prepared on Hakskeen Pan to capacitate Bloodhound to strech unequivocally high speeds

In part, this is since there are still technical hurdles to do with Bloodhound’s rocket motor.

This is entrance from a Norwegian aerospace association Nammo, and a growth work contingency fit in around a firm’s blurb business, that has extended a timeline.

But a Bloodhound plan also has to duty within a secretly generated budget, and nonetheless some large sponsorship deals have been sealed recently, engineering can usually ensue during a rate money comes into a venture.

The preference has therefore been done to wait until 2019 to start a attack on a land speed record.

Nonetheless, a group hopes Friday’s immobile test, and a initial runs set for 26 October, will be manifest explanation that Bloodhound is in good shape.

Andy Green said: “Today has been a proof that with usually a small bit of apparatus in place we’ve delivered accurately what we pronounced we would, when we pronounced we would.

“And formed on what I’ve seen currently from a EJ200, we are going to over-deliver – 26 Oct won’t be usually a uncover of a quick car, it will be a fantastic uncover of a automobile that’s going to stupefy people.”

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The group is operative towards a open day of regulating on 26 October