Blac Chyna’s Ex-Fling Says Rob Kardashian Offered Him $1 Million To Leave Her Alone

Blac Chyna’s hurl with aspiring rapper Ferrari True might be over, though a 24-year aged is still articulate about his new run in with Rob Kardashian. During a radio talk on Jul 14, True suggested a news that Rob Kardashian attempted to compensate him off.

Rob initial offering Ferrari True $500k if he would stay divided from a mom of his child. Kardashian done a offer after Blac Chyna taunted her ex-fiancé with images of her and other group in a former couple’s bed. In one of a photos, Ferrari can be seen wearing Rob Kardashian’s Versace dress while lying in bed.

After True didn’t take Rob adult on his offer, usurpation a $500k to stay divided from Chyna, Rob upped a ante. He afterwards offering True $1 million and – taxation giveaway to step aside. By a sounds of it, Ferrari True didn’t accept Rob’s offer and told him to stop.

After pity insinuate photos of Blac Chyna, Ferrari also suggested in his radio talk that he has given been warned by Chyna’s counsel Lisa Bloom that his actions are illegal. True seemed to be unhappy over a minute he perceived and chocked it adult to a summary from Bloom and not Chyna herself.

“I don’t consider it was Chyna’s actions to send that off to me… a people who’s representing her, a people who is gonna paint her [were a ones to send it],” he said. Ferrari also added, “I feel like Chyna unequivocally favourite me, honestly, and we unequivocally favourite Chyna. And we talked to her, we get her, we know what I’m saying? So it’s like, how could we do that?”

As distant as Rob Kardashian posting bootleg exposed photos of Blac Chyna as revenge, a 30-year aged existence star has been served a confining sequence by his ex. He has to stay during slightest 100 feet divided and is not authorised to post any personal photos of his ex or her children on amicable media.

Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images