Blac Chyna got a domestic assault confining sequence opposite Rob Kardashian

Ugh, let’s get by this Blac Chyna-Rob Kardashian drama, okay? Last week, Rob Kardashian mislaid his mind and posted punish p0rn of Blac Chyna. She, in turn, hired a counsel and started leaking a ton of things to TMZ. I’m on Chyna’s side here – what Rob did was bootleg and disgusting, and Chyna has each right to urge herself legally and publicity-wise. So, here’s some of things function around this situation:

Chyna successfully got a confining sequence opposite Rob. According to TMZ, “Rob is now barred from any serve cyberbullying of Chyna — including posting photos or videos of her, or creation any personal comments about her. He also has to stay divided from her.” Rob’s counsel did not competition a confining sequence request, and apparently Rob regrets losing his rage final week.

Chyna says Rob abused her. She’s done claims over a past week that Rob punched her and knocked her to a ground, and that he’s chased after her and been aroused as she’s attempted to get divided from him. She also says that Rob has guns in his residence and that he’s threatened to kill himself. The confining sequence that Chyna got is at slightest partly for domestic violence.

Custody of baby Dream. According to TMZ, Rob and Chyna have concluded on a lax control agreement in that they have 50-50 control of their daughter Dream.

Chyna returned Rob’s gifts. One of a things Rob bitched about final week was that Chyna left him even yet he bought a ton of sh-t for her, like cars and jewelry. It was flattering transparent that Rob felt like he “bought” Chyna and he could provide his skill any approach he saw fit. Chyna says that she returned all of Rob’s gifts, and that she can't and will not be bought. She told GMA that she had her assistants lapse all and “I also gave him behind his marriage ring. Because I’m not gonna let this male buy me — or make it seem like he could only buy me and give me gifts and provide me any way, and speak to me nasty.”

Photos pleasantness of Backgrid.