Blac Chyna AND Rob Kardashian Sued For Bullying After Outing Her Ex As Gay!

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Pilot Jones is encircling around for another pass!

Blac Chyna‘s sorta kinda ex, who approach back in Sep 2016 was rumored to be a genuine father of a unborn Dream rather than Rob Kardashian after a print of them kissing was published.

At a time, when Chyna was still protecting of Rob, she went on a amicable media rant opposite a Glee actor where she posted his email residence and phone number, claimed he attempted to extract her for $150K, and pronounced a dual never even had sex — since he was gay.

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Nine months later, Pilot claimed Chyna’s amicable media attack had led to nuisance from their fans; he says he even attempted suicide over a stress of being outed. (He also says he’s in fact bisexual.)

Now TMZ is stating he’s suing both Chyna AND Rob for insult and cyberbullying, observant they painted him as an opportunist who had sole a kissing pic and radically sicced their fans on him by releasing his info.

He says he perceived nuisance immediately, including melancholy statements like, “Today will be a final day of we walking bitch.”

Pilot also says his self-respect was busted as was his attribute with his children.


The peculiar thing is, this is a initial time Rob and Chyna have been on a same side of a authorised play for utterly some time… Funny…

What do YOU consider of Pilot’s claims?

[Image around Pilot Jones/Instagram/DJDM/WENN.]

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