Bizarre conform trends: ‘Asymmetric Jeans’ creates it to a list

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While it is holding contemporary conform to a subsequent level, a code retails this span of jeans for Rs 27,000.

In box we were wondering what is a latest weird trend to have strike a conform world, afterwards get this – designer-duo Ksenia and Anton Schnaider have come adult with a span of matter denim pants that facilities spare cut on one side and a bell bottom character on a other.

The brand, that is a domicile name with Hollywood A-listers came adult with their latest line of flared and spare jeans that come with personalised wise and retails for Rs 27,000.

Check some of a cinema here.

The year has only started and we have already come opposite a series of bizarre conform trends. One such bizzare trend is brides walking with string candy instead of a flower fragrance to a aisle.