Bill O’Reilly Makes Outrageous Claim About The Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers!

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There might be no chairman we’d wish to hear from on a theme of passionate nuisance LESS than Bill O’Reilly.

But this was such bullshit, we only HAD to discuss.

The former Fox News host, who has had copiousness of his possess bungle allegations and coverup scandals, shielded Donald Trump on Glenn Beck‘s podcast this month.

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On a podcast. Because he isn’t on TV anymore. Because of a passionate nuisance scandal.

Anyway, what he pronounced was that there was a tip fasten explanation during slightest one of the women accusing Trump was being paid. He said:

“There is a fasten … an audio fasten of an anti-Trump chairman charity $200,000 to a lady to credit Donald Trump of unfavourable behavior… My attorney, he listened to it. There are during slightest 3 crimes on a tape.”

We only wish to be clear. There’s no approach this can be true, right? We don’t trust there is such a tape.

This is a tactic employed by Trump himself a integrate times, as we might recall. He pronounced there was audio explanation he didn’t offend a widow of a depressed soldier, there were ‘tapes’ of his speak with James Comey proving he didn’t hinder justice.

But theory what we never heard? Because they were clearly non-existent. But his bottom hears that shit and says, “SEE, IT WAS PROVEN!” They forget over a weeks that those tapes never came out.

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See how that works?

As if with all a people perplexing to disprove these women such a fasten would never have come out. But O’Reilly says he might only have to recover it himself for a good of a country:

“I might have to go to a U.S. profession myself. we don’t wish to have to do that and inject myself into a story… as a citizen we might have to do this.”

Mark the words. This fasten is not coming.

[Image around Fox News.]

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