Bigly Trump is a bigliest plant ever, a press is so ‘vicious’ we guys

I was glancing by a calendar a few days ago and we was dumbfounded to comprehend that a finish of Mar is entrance adult fast. While each singular day of a Bigly Trump administration feels like a lifetime, time flies when you’re shocked that an orange, baby-fisted beast will kill us all. Time has no definition anymore, is what I’m saying. Anyway, here are some domestic stories going around:

This Devin Nunes thing. we can’t even try to keep all of these threads straight, though sufficient to say, Rep. Nunes’ actions are deplorable and we wish Sally Yates testifies before a Senate Intelligence Committee wearing a dominatrix ensemble. we also trust that a White House and Nunes have colluded to cover adult Trump-Russia malfeasance.

Melania incited adult in DC. She attended a accepting for senators final night in a White House. She wore an LBD by Roland Mouret. At a reception, her father betrothed that they will dissolution Obamacare and it will “happen really quickly” since that’s what everybody has betrothed to do.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner. President Bigly canceled his coming during a WHCD weeks ago. But now White House staffers wish we to know that they won’t be attending either out of “solidarity” with Emperor Bigly. Because all of those people trust that a press is treating Bigly “unfairly” and that reporters are a enemy.

Paul Manafort is so shady. Like, seriously, this man is such a sketchball.

The GOP competence not wish The Wall after all. Like, we meant we’re not going to build The Wall?? Hahahaha.

Bigly is SO MAD! He’s so violent that no one is questioning John Podesta or a Clintons. Why won’t these violent deflections work?!?!?!

And finally, Bigly is a bigliest plant ever.

Photos pleasantness of Getty.