Bigly Trump is ‘shocked’ that ladies have listened of Susan B. Anthony

Here are some photos of Emperor Bigly Baby Fists and Lady Bigly Fists yesterday in a White House. They attended a Women’s Empowerment Panel during a White House, an eventuality in respect of Women’s History Month. Melania looks like she’s wearing a trenchcoat, presumably to vigilance that she had her eye on a exits and was looking to make a discerning getaway. Really though, this is deliberation a “coat dress.” It’s by The Row, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s high-end line. But a belt, we guys. The belt changes this demeanour from coatdress to only “coat.”

Meanwhile, during this event, Bigly done a small debate to all a ungrabbed ladies out there. Bigly wonders if you’ve ever listened of Susan B. Anthony?

I’m sincerely certain that he meant this as a joke? Like, am we indeed fortifying Bigly? No, I’m not fortifying him. we only consider he’s indeed self-aware adequate to make a small joke, maybe? Maybe I’m giving him too most credit. Maybe he unequivocally believes Frederick Douglass is doing good work and removing beheld some-more and some-more and that even Freddy D thinks Suzy B is insane baller.

In other Bigly news, here are some other stories to remind we that this life is zero some-more than a hellscape:

The Muslim Ban 2.0. The 2.0 chronicle was never even put into movement on a belligerent since sovereign judges were like “fail, bitch.” Now a sovereign decider has extended a confining sequence indefinitely. Good.

The Department of Energy. The DOE can’t use a difference “climate change” anymore. In a new Orwellian adventure, we can no longer use difference we no longer wish to hear. we assume that “baby hands” will be subsequent on a list of criminialized words. This news came after Bigly sealed an EO that courage Obama-era environmental regulations. Bigly’s anti-environment pull is so bad that even a executives of Exxonmobil is like “dude, consider of a environment!”

Dubya’s thoughts. Dubya reportedly pronounced “that was some uncanny sh-t” after Bigly’s inauguration.

Bigly doesn’t caring about LGBTQ people. The 2020 Census will not be seeking any LGBTQ-related questions.

Photos pleasantness of Getty.