Bigly Boy Donald Trump worked tough so he got to play with bigly trucks

I call these photos “BIGLY BOY LOVES BIGLY TRUCKS.” Emperor Baby Fists is so bigly and clever and he is such a Bigly Boy. Bigly Boy had such a tough day – he had to try to pass a bigly medical check that would retaliate aged people and ill people for being aged and sick! He worked so tough to retaliate women for being sluts and removing pregnant. So Bigly Boy got a reward: he got to play with bigly trucks during a White House. Bigly Boy got to go vroom-vroom in a bigly trucks and he even got to honk a bigly horn!

So, yeah, that happened. And now we consider we competence need to change his name again. From Emperor Baby Fists to Easy D to Agent Orange and now to Bigly Boy. It’s all one and a same. Here are some other domestic stories going around:

The opinion on Trumpcare was delayed. Bigly Boy was privately deal-making and pulling a legislation with Republican Congressmen and each time he attempted to remonstrate a deputy to opinion for a ever-changing bill, Bigly Boy finished adult losing dual some-more votes. Turns out, he’s a flattering sh-tty dealmaker. The Republicans demeanour like idiots who couldn’t get a check upheld after they A) have control of each bend of supervision and B) have been bitching about Obamacare for 7 g–damn years. Bigly Boy is trying to force a opinion today, throwing in a final that if a House doesn’t opinion to dissolution this week, Obamacare will stay.

“Essential Health Benefits.” Part of Obamacare is that women are not punished financially for being of child-bearing age, or for indeed giving birth to babies. Pregnancy care, natal care, mammograms, mix smears and some-more are deliberate Essential Health Benefits and medicine care. Yesterday, Senator Pat Roberts (Republican) made a “quip” about EHBs. When asked if he upheld “scrapping Essential Health Benefits,” he snarked: “I wouldn’t wish to remove my mammograms.” Ha, so humorous Sen. Roberts. Jokes about women with breast cancer! He after apologized.

This Devin Nunes thing is so stupid. Nunes screwed a pooch on Wednesday afternoon when he raced to Bigly Boy to tell him exclusively that Bigly Boy should feel totally irreproachable since Nunes’ tip source upheld him some (classified?) information about how Trump was totally wiretapped, solely not really, there was substantially a FISA aver out on someone and Trump spoke to that person. Now Nunes is observant oh right, maybe he doesn’t have tough justification after all? Maybe he totally skewed everything?

Democrats to filibuster Gorsuch? Maybe. Chuck Schumer wants to filibuster Gorsuch. Sean Spicer threw a hissy fit about that during Thursday’s briefing. Ol’ Spicey had never, ever listened of a filibuster being used for such sinful domestic purposes!

Last thing: reporters need to keep seeking Spicey about Paul Manafort. Spicey keeps downgrading Manafort’s impasse in a Trump debate during each singular press lecture and it’s removing unequivocally ridiculous. Manafort was a authority of a campaign!!!

Photos pleasantness of Getty.