Bigg Boss Kannada set gutted, no casualties reported

bigg trainer kannada glow bigg trainer kannada glow A glow pennyless out on Thursday, that gutted sets of Bigg Boss Kannada.

A vital glow pennyless out on Thursday during a Innovative Film City in Bidadi, about 40 km from here, that gutted a sets of existence uncover “Bigg Boss Kannada” and melted down a polish museum, military said.

The glow use crew have doused a blaze. There were no casualties in a incident, Sub-Inspector A.V. Kumar told IANS.

“The glow is suspected to have damaged out during about 3 a.m., and has totally burnt down a ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’ set and a polish museum,” Kumar said.

The means of a glow was underneath investigation, he said.

Expressing startle over a incident, independent musician and Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 leader Chandan Shetty said, “It’s really deplorable as it feels like it’s function to my possess house. we have a lifetime of memories in that house. Of millions of people, usually a few have had a event to live in that house. But we am relieved that nobody was severely hurt.”

“When we saw blazing visuals on television, we was really upset. We tend to rise an romantic tie with a place even when we stay there for a day. we had stayed in that residence for 116 days. It might be only a set though I’m emotionally trustworthy to it. It heedfulness to see it removing gutted in fire,” said Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 runner-up Kirik Keerthi.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 competitor Sheetal Shetty remarked, “I woke adult to this news and we am in finish shock. we don’t know what to say. That residence was filled with fun and emotions. we also had a event to enter a residence during a new season. Not only me each competitor of a uncover were really romantic trustworthy to this house.”

“It was like my dreamland. we couldn’t trust when we listened it first. we suspicion it was a prank. It’s a bad news for me and I’m crying. we had done a lot of memories in that house. we lived there for 105 days and we keep observant to people that those were a best days of my life,” combined Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 competitor Niveditha Gowda.

Goods value few lakhs of rupees, were estimated to have been broken in a fire.

Innovative Film City, situated in Ramanagara district, is an party park and film studio that houses several existence radio shows’ sets and museums.

(With inputs from IANS)

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