Bigg Boss 9: Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol accommodate a contestants and they go BERSERK – viewpoint pics!


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The Dilwale camber takes a fun inside and leaves everybody entertained…

We were a initial ones to tell we that Shah Rukh Khan won’t be constrained Dilwale alone in a Bigg Boss house, nonetheless will have his elegant co-star from his new film Kajol for organisation as well. Now, these twin along with Salman Khan emanate a hee-haw proof on a entertainment when they play a reticent charades diversion rebate a song. They wore headphones that had harsh strain enactment while they have to mouth examination a other’s conversation. That finished for a comical sell and we couldn’t get over it yet. However, when these twin are here, they should also get to accommodate a contestants that they do! Yes, Shah Rukh and Kajol take a tour inside a chateau and jar a contestants! We have cinema from a inside of a chateau when Shah Rukh and Kajol entered a chateau and a contestants went confused with happiness. They were anyway intense about this partial a incentive they learnt that Shah Rukh will be on a expose with Salman Khan and this special revisit by Kajol too unquestionably finished them happy. You can see a contestants looking unquestionably happy. They even sat together maybe for a opening or so and we venerate it. Check out a gallery above and we will know what a actors are doing inside a house! (Image credit: Yogen Shah)Subscribe to me on YouTube