Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula CROWNED a new captain of a house!

Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula CROWNED a new captain of the house!

Today’s captaincy assign gets nasty…

The captaincy of a Bigg Boss 9 chateau is a vast accountability and privilege. You get a lot of appetite and dominance over a chateau and who doesn’t wish that. Tonight a captaincy assign starts and twin contestants are raring to argue it out, yet Bigg Boss has other plans.

If we remember, thereafter we will simply examination that Prince Narula and Rishabh Sinha were a best players in a Bigg Boss Murder Mystery assign as good as in a chateau too. Prince had managed to kill 4 contestants in a task, while Rishabh had guessed a shoot correctly. So Bigg Boss quiescent to array them conflicting any other in a captaincy task. But they won’t indeed battle, in fact their supporters in a chateau will dispute for them.

Bigg Boss will ask a contestants to support their favourite contender. After a contestants name sides, Bigg Boss asks a contenders to name one authority from his supporters to perform a task.

While Rishabh picks Gizele Thakral, Prince picks Priya Malik. The girls will have to reason hydrogen balloons of a certain colour cell a unequivocally enlarged time. The authority who binds a balloons cell a end, will assistance their contender to win a captaincy.

A lot of discuss follows as Rishabh BLASTS out on Priya for subordinate Prince. He asks her since she inspected him when she indeed hated him, to that Priya answered that she was holding revenge. She mentioned that Princehad nervous her a lot while she was a captain, so she wanted to make him a captain and problem him more. Rishabh gives her a critical feeling and walks away.

The assign went on for enlarged and a girls positively were exhausted and their arms were paining. In a apart of a second, it seems Gizele leaves a balloon and a director of a task, Keith Sequeira, declares Prince Narula as a personality and a new captain of a house.

But a discuss doesn’t finish there as Gizele cries sinister that Keith was being influenced towards Prince. She suggests that she had usually focussed her control and loosened her arm, yet Keith guess otherwise. She literally cried and Mandana was also seen explanation her that Keith is a follower of Prince, so it was no use arguing with him.

Anyway, a welfare remained and Prince was CROWNED as a new captain of a house.

Are we happy that Prince Narula is a captain of a Bigg Boss 9 chateau again? Tell us in a comments domain below! Stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get some-more EXCLUSIVE scoops and sum from Bigg Boss 9!

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