Bigg Boss 9 partial 39: Mandana gets dissapoint on being called Salman Khan’s favourite, splits with best associate Rochelle, while Kishwer enjoys all a fun!

Bigg Boss 9 partial 39: Mandana gets dissapoint on being called Salman Khan’s favourite, splits with best associate Rochelle, while Kishwer enjoys all the fun!

Here’s a perceptive low down on what happened on day 39

A new day comes with a new twist. But tonight’s partial of Bigg Boss 9 was all about exposing any other and stealing a set-back out of everyone. Read on to get a highlights…

# Mandana re-enters a house

We all know how Mandana was kept in a tip room for a day where she was asked to elect twin contestants, on her relapse to a house! Well, a graceful chicky did come behind to a chateau with a digest yet many did anyone know that things would get so nasty on her return! Yes! Mandana’s altered duty came unquestionably transparent on her face! While she overtly met Rishabh Sinha and others, she totally deserted Rochelle Rao and Aman Verma who were her best friends, during one prove in time. Why? Because Mandana is angry by all that Rochelle conspicuous about her, while she was away!

#Kishwer confronts Rochelle for betraying Mandana’s trust

Although Rochelle spoke conflicting Mandana on purpose as she had to drive her to elect her and thereafter get counterclaim from eliminations, yet Mandana catastrophic to know this! She bloody on Rochelle for being such a betrayer! That’s when Kishwer grabbed a golden probability and instigated their differences even further! She confronted Rochelle for being such a engineer and backstabbing a same authority who was once her best friend! Rochelle however took it as fun and reliable it was usually a diversion yet Kishwer left no indent unturned to lift her down.

#Mandana bluffs about public Keith and family

Later in a day Rochelle unnatural she knows 0 about Mandana’s tip room and walked adult to her to know where was she! Did she accommodate her dear Keith Sequeira? But many to everyone’s surprise, Mandana distributed it mindful she met Keith and also conspicuous he is in hapless need of his tie ones’ She conspicuous he is unquestionably low and he needs some-more people by his side! we meant whoa! we amazement how can someone adopt so much? That too by holding it to such a understanding level.


Finally there came a nominations where a ones’ who were been nominated by Mandana got saved while all a remaining contestants finished it to a risk zone. So going by a above rule, Rochelle and Prince got saved given others including Aman Verma, Rishabh Sinha, Mandana, Rimi Sen, Digangana Suryavanshi and Kishwer geot nominated! Suyyash Rai however transitory this whole dog amenity his captaincy!

Mandana-Rochelle argument

Time to confront any other! Now that everybody was attentive all about a assign and since Rochelle unnatural to be such a bitch, Mandana quiescent to explain her observation! While she was unfazed by Kishwer’s hate! She was terribly mistreat by Rochelle’s offensive disproportion about her! Rochelle even attempted to drive her that she was usually enactment a diversion yet Mandana permitted a diversion was indeed all about exposing a existence and not usually a eliminations!

Mandana dissapoint on being called Salman Khan’s favourite

While enactment a loathing game, Rochelle even happened to plead her thoughts about Salman Khan temperament Mandana some-more than anybody else on a show. This didn’t go down good with Mandana as Rochelle is a same authority who had once taken a mountain for her when some fans reacted in matching proceed during a weekend episode! Nevertheless, Mandana refused to accept that she is precious by Salman or anyone else for that matter.

Rishabh fights with Prince and Aman

Rishabh literally incited on a warmth inside a Bigg Boss chateau by stealing into a terrible argue with Prince as good as Aman! While he dictated down to rough abuses for Prince. He argued until a final footnote with Aman. Wonder why? You will be bewildered yet a reason was 0 yet parathas and towel! Yes! Silly fights got nasty and they finished adult origination unquestionably skirmish personal remarks on any other.

Tomorrow is again going to be a vast day inside a house! Third mad tag entrant Kunwaljeet Singh is going to enter a show! And in a meantime, a vast argue for captaincy too will take place tomorrow! Stay tuned to BollywoodLife for some-more updates!

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