Bigg Boss 12: Dipika Kakar’s father Shoaib Ibrahim is assured that fans won’t decider her

Dipika Kakar Bigg Boss 12 Shoaib IbrahimDipika Kakar Bigg Boss 12 Shoaib Ibrahim Shoaib Ibrahim common that while he was also offering to enter Bigg Boss 12 with mother Dipika Kakar, a integrate motionless on a latter going to a uncover alone.

Not even a week and Dipika Kakar has managed to mount out in a Bigg Boss 12 house. From holding assign over a kitchen and blamed to be dominating, to removing nominated and even violation down after losing a captaincy task, a Sasural Simar Ka actor seems to be unequivocally going strong. While a 31-year-old continues to suffer her army sealed adult in a house, recently chatted with her father Shoaib Ibrahim on Dipika’s opening in a show.

Sharing that he has been terribly blank his wife, Shoaib said, “The whole family has always enjoyed examination Bigg Boss. And now with Dipika on a show, it’s usually turn special. Not usually a episodes, we have also been frequently examination a untouched footages. It’s been usually a few days and she has already done us unequivocally proud. She has been looking good and holding stands where it’s needed. we am unequivocally certain she will do well.”

The Koi Laut Ke Aaya actor common that while he was also offering to enter Bigg Boss 12 with Dipika, a integrate motionless on a latter going to a uncover alone. “Our families need during slightest one of us to take caring of things. It wouldn’t have been probable for both of us to go. We collectively took a preference that it was a right time for Dipika to attend in a show, both career-wise and personally. While she will find a new side to her celebrity in a house, we am perplexing to find cave while holding caring of all in her absence,” Shoaib pronounced with a smile.

bigg trainer 12

bigg trainer 12

Bigg Boss, while an interesting series, can be scandalous for raised contestants’ disastrous side. But a doting father pronounced that a integrate was not disturbed about Dipika’s image. Shared Shoaib, “To be honest, we were never worried. Yes, each day would move a new surprise, a new side though we know her too well. Also, we consider a fans have also famous her for years and adore her for her morality and amatory nature. She will never be judged on a basement of a episodes.”

Dipika Kakar Bigg Boss 12 Shoaib Ibrahim

Dipika Kakar Bigg Boss 12 Shoaib Ibrahim

Shoaib serve confessed to being greedy on selecting usually Dipika as his favourite contestant. And when asked what tips did he give her before she stepped in a house, he said, “I usually told her to suffer a diversion being herself. Bigg Boss is a uncover where we can’t unequivocally go with a plan. There are too many opposite personalities around. It’s a situational show. we usually told her to not remove her dignity, and have a lot of fun.”

Lastly, recalling his wife’s final difference to him before entering a house, a actor blushingly said, “She usually told me, khayal rakhna Shoaib (take care, Shoaib).”

Hosted by Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 12 front each day during 9 pm on Colors.

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