Bigg Boss 11 Nov 4 Weekend Ka Vaar created update: Salman Khan finds Shilpa Shinde entertaining, advises Vikas Gupta to not take things to heart

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Can’t watch tonight’s part of Bigg Boss? Read all a highlights from a 34th part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover Bigg Boss 11:

10:32 pm: Salman takes leave from a assembly with a guarantee to accommodate them again on Sunday. In a preview, we see contestants divulgence one of a low dim secrets of their life in front of a cameras.

10:30 pm: Priyank to provoke Puneesh asks Bandgi to request unguent on his back. Priyank smiles as Bandgi relates a lotion. Puneesh asks Bandgi if she is going to Dubai with Priyank. Puneesh says he is not uncertain though he is jealous. On a other side, Sapna tells Priyank about Bandgi and Puneesh’s feign romance. By a finish of a episode, Puneesh and Bandgi share an insinuate moment.

10:26 pm: Coming to a nominated contestants, Salman says given 9 contestants are nominated, anything can happen. There competence be a warn watchful for all of them. He leaves a residence after formulating a lot of suspense.

10:18 pm: The tourist asks Sapna since does she not wish to be captain. Sapna says she wants to be a captain when a housemates consider that she deserves it and she do not wish to force her captaincy on others.

10:17 pm: The Appy Fizz tourist of a week asks a doubt to Sapna. He tells Sapna that she is doing utterly good in a diversion though since did she take usually one name for being a contender for captaincy.

10:14 pm: Salman says a lady who has been dead in a residence for past 5 weeks gets a possibility to be a captain and this is over his understanding.

10:13 pm: Salman Khan asks Priyank since did he make Benafsha win a task. Priyank says he didn’t wish to be a captain as he has entered a residence usually now. Salman says this deteriorate people usually wish to be kingmakers and not a aristocrat so that they lay behind and order a house.

10:11 pm: Arshi Khan says that Benafsha were given a points usually to save her from a evictions. They have zero to do with house’s oppulance budget.

10 pm: Salman re-enters a residence and discusses captaincy. He says who are those intelligent people who upheld Benafsha for captaincy.

9:56 pm: Puneesh as a captain is given a charge to give a contestants ranking on a basement of violation a many critical manners of a house. He puts Bandgi on series one mark as she discusses nominations. Second is Benafsha, afterwards Hina, followed by Vikas Gupta and lastly Arshi Khan. All a default are given punishments.

9:53 pm: Hina concludes a contention by observant Shilpa done Vikas win a oppulance bill charge with her foolishness.

9:51 pm: Salman asks Hina Khan where Shilpa went wrong in a game. Hina says in a final turn Shilpa should have distributed a income among all her workers. Shilpa explains her take and strategy.

9:49 pm: Salman says that Vikas let go off a oppulance bill for his greedy intentions. Vikas clarifies that it was his initial tip charge and he didn’t wish to remove it.

9:47 pm: But afterwards Salman remarks that notwithstanding Vikas’ diversion plan, a housemates didn’t get any oppulance budget. It was since a charge was not completed.

9:45 pm: Salman lauds Vikas’ efforts in a oppulance bill charge though removing dirty. He played with his mind and didn’t get earthy during a task.

9:44 pm: Salman asks Vikas what happens if he and Shilpa tumble in love. And he afterwards says that if their adore story gets successful afterwards he will trust that he can also tumble in love.

9:43 pm: Arshi tells Shilpa to not design things from anyone and others plead how Shilpa is on cloud 9 after Salman lucky her.

9:41 pm: Salman takes a mangle from a house. Vikas says that a good thing is now Shilpa will not get personal. Shilpa fights with a contestants who spoke in foster of Vikas and this includes Bandgi Kalra.

9:39 pm: Salman says he is enjoying examination Shilpa do what she is doing in a house.

9:38 pm: Salman says that if Vikas will contend things afterwards he should be prepared to get it back.

9:37 pm: Salman says that Vikas each time takes a things to a unwashed turn and brings behind a past time and again.

9:34 pm: Salman suggests Vikas to not take things to his heart as this is a diversion and by a finish of a uncover he will emerge as a stronger tellurian being.

9:32 pm: Shilpa explains her side of a story and Salman says that Vikas did wrong by not usurpation Shilpa’s reparation and seeking her to explain what is her problem with him. Salman says Bigg Boss is not about Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta.

9:30 pm: Salman says that both Shilpa and Vikas are wrong though what happened is their personal problem that should not be brought to a Bigg Boss house. Salman says he already warned a contestants to not get personal.

9:27 pm: But Salman says his try to run divided from a residence proves his cowardice. Vikas says he is not fearful of other people’s actions though he is some-more disturbed about his possess reactions as it would be infamous to others.

9:26 pm: Salman once again earnings to a residence and appreciates Vikas for his patience. He says his calm turn is worthy and if he would have been during his place, he don’t know how would have he reacted.

9:25 pm: While Vikas complains about Shilpa’s poise to other contestants, Shilpa tells Vikas that all a play combined ambience to a food.

9:22 pm: Vikas finally loses his cold and says it was all Shilpa’s error and nonetheless she keeps blaming him.

9:21 pm: Shilpa in a subsequent shred is seen articulate opposite Vikas and irritates him to a indicate that he picks adult his lunch and throws a plate. He says if she has left mad. He is undone as Shilpa didn’t even let him eat food also. Akash Dadlani joins Shilpa in her acts.

9:20 pm: Salman initial shows a footage where Vikas attempted to shun a Bigg Boss house. In a footage, Shilpa is seen creation fun of Vikas. She says Vikas annoyed Puneesh to pee on TV.

9:17 pm: Salman Khan asks all contestants to indicate out a ‘Villain’ of a house. In a unanimous vote, Vikas has now left from being ‘The Mastermind’ to ‘The Villain’ and is called to a katghara for questioning. Salman starts interrogating Vikas about his poise in a new past.

9:16 pm: Salman pulls Dhinchak Pooja’s leg as he says a approach she sang a strain “Aafreen”, no large thespian could conduct to do that. She also sings a strain again.

9:14 pm: Salman Khan enters a residence and asks Akash to sing a strain he has stoical with Hina Khan. Hina joins Akash in singing.

9:12 pm: Sapna Chaudhary says she will not work underneath Puneesh’s captaincy. She agrees to operative usually on one condition if Bandgi washes all a utensils for 3 days.

9:11 pm: Akash Dadlani creates a swat strain on Puneesh’s act of peeing on inhabitant television.

9:10 pm: Salman Khan shows final night’s quarrel for captaincy between Puneesh and Hiten. Akash tries to confuse Hiten from a game. Hina Khan says Hiten will never pee on inhabitant radio as his kids are also examination him. Hiten says he wants to set an instance for his kids and other people and hence he is quitting a game. This creates Puneesh a captain of a house.

9:07 pm: Sabyasachi can be prepare and Bandgi can be a Paan vala as she has practical most ‘choona’ to Puneesh.

9:06 pm: As Salman Khan enters a theatre and greets a assembly in his rare Dabangg style, he says that there was zero right that happened during this week’s oppulance bill task. And afterwards he delicately handpicks choice careers for a contestants. He thinks Shilpa Shinde can be a good door-to-door salesman, while Vikas Gupta ‘The Mastermind’ can be a stock-broker. Arshi Khan, on a other hand, can validate nightgowns.

9:03 pm: Salman Khan starts a part while interacting with “Shrimati” and asks him that he is incompetent to know some of a things function inside a residence like what is a recipe of “Zillat Ke Ladoo” or since does Arshi Khan wear night gowns during a day.

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