Bigg Boss 11 Nov 28 full part created update: Akash Dadlani apologises to Puneesh Sharma

bigg trainer created refurbish of november 28

bigg trainer created refurbish of november 28

Missed final night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all a highlights from a latest part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover aired on Colors.

  • Arshi complains to Hiten about food. She tells him that Shilpa is creation additional food for Bandgi.
  • Shilpa and Arshi get into a fight.
  • Arshi says Shilpa is prejudiced with Bandgi.
  • Vikas suggests Arshi to switch her avocation with Shilpa’s duty.
  • Akash complains that Shilpa was behind his quarrel with Puneesh.
  • Hiten says to Shilpa that he warned Shilpa that she is feeding a lizard (Akash).
  • Bigg Boss gives Vikas a sunglass for his eye problem.
  • Big Boss announces a charge in that Puneesh, Bandgi, Hiten and Shilpa are a giants.
  • Hina, Arshi, Akash and Luv are a lilliputs.
  • Vikas and Priyank will guard a task.
  • Arshi and Hina put chilli powder on Bandgi’s face to woe her.
  • Bandgi shouts that her eyes are hurting.
  • Hina warns Bandgi that she is going to cut Bandgi’s hair.
  • Hina cuts her hair and shows it to Bandgi that it’s her hair.
  • Hina incidentally throws chilli powder in Bandgi’s eyes.
  • Bandgi cries and calls Vikas.
  • Vikas takes Bandgi’s side and asks her to leave a task.
  • Bandgi leaves a charge and goes inside a house.
  • After Bandgi, Shilpa is tied with a ropes.
  • Vikas says he is banning chilli powder from this task.
  • Luv says to Vikas that he is nobody to anathema anything.
  • Vikas incidentally throws chilli powder in Hina’s eyes.
  • Hina says she is not personification this game.
  • Priyank convinces Hina.
  • Hina and Arshi start tickling Shilpa.
  • Bandgi comes great in a garden and asks Puneesh to take revenge.
  • Akash paints Shilpa’s face with lipstick and puts chilli powder on her face.
  • Puneesh is tied with a ropes.
  • Akash tries to bluster Puneesh with a trimmer.
  • Bandgi tells Puneesh that zero is function with his hair.
  • Hina tells Bandgi to close her mouth.
  • Hiten is tied with a ropes.
  • Luv removes Hiten’s hair with wax.
  • Akash apologises to Puneesh and hugs him.
  • Akash says to Puneesh that he hates Bandgi.
  • Bandgi says Hina is a cruelest chairman in a house.

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