Bigg Boss 11 Nov 25 Weekend Ka Vaar created update: Akash Dadlani irritates Salman Khan

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Missed final night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all a highlights from a latest part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover aired on Colors.

10:18 pm: The uncover ends gripping a assembly guessing about what would occur next. Unlike other episodes, Salman doesn’t give his finale note to a audience. The housemates are disturbed what would occur next.

10:17 pm: Akash refuses to respond. He does not play a diversion that irritates Salman and a housemates. Salman gets raw and walks out of a Sultani Akhada.

10:15 pm: Looking during Akash and Puneesh’s attitude, Salman tries to figure out a approach to hoop this. Salman questions Akash if he ever faced this conditions before. Akash says yes. Salman asks if he feels his mom would be unapproachable of this. Salman asks if he skeleton never to pierce on and Akash nods in agreement. Salman says if he is a quitter. Akash says yes. Salman gives Puneesh a point.

10:07 pm: Akash refuses to participate. His disastrous opinion upsets Salman. Akash says Puneesh has marred a trust he had on his friend.

10:05 pm: Salman calls Akash Vin Diesel. Salman asks them to speak about how they both will go brazen in a uncover though Akash ignores a instruction. Salman asks Akash if he needs to repeat a instruction though Akash shows attitude. Akash says, “Don’t make it a large deal, we am like this.”

10:02 pm: Salman invites Akash and Puneesh to Sultani Akhada. Salman says initial turn will be a written fight.

9:59 pm: Salman announces Shilpa as a protected contestant. He asks Hina if she would be excellent if she leaves today. Salman creates a housemates realize that it’s a eighth week and it’s foolish to leave a residence when anyone of we can be winner.

9:47 pm: Talking about a nominations, housemates plead about how some contestants are over assured about a series of votes they will get. Salman clears that a votes are entrance in though a domain is tiny and whosoever will go can be a honourable one in comparison to Luv.

9:44 pm: As Salman enters a show, Shilpa runs towards a couch. Salman in a derisive tinge towards Priyank says “You can run. You should do this mostly in a house.”

9:40 pm: Salman asks Priyank given he has such loathing opposite Arshi. Vikas says Priyank gets aged matters into a residence and discusses it. Vikas pronounced during a charge he saw such an charge opposite Arshi.

9:39 pm: Salman tells Hina that a uncover is not about you. Salman tells her that she shouldn’t stay in a fake wish that all is contingent on her in a show. Salman explains that if Luv wouldn’t have taken a step, we would have asked him. Salman says things that are not good to be shown, we will speak opposite it either religion, sex or physique shaming.

9:36 pm: Salman enters a show. Salman asks if he is holding side of other contestants like Shilpa, Arshi and Vikas.

9:34 pm: Hina gets into a written squabble with Shilpa and Vikas. Hina gets assertive given she is during fault.

9:33 pm: Salman says we aren’t listening to me. How will we listen to Hina and Vikas.

9:32 pm: Salman says one male is interlude though Hina has no goal to let him be. He says given Luv Tyagi is underneath a control of Hina and works according to her.

9:31 pm: Salman appreciates Luv Tyagi for interlude Priyanka. He questions Priyank that given he didn’t stop when Luv had stopped him. Salman and Hina get into written spat. Hina tries to warp from a subject though Salman says, “Talk about what is function right now, not what happened two-three weeks ago.”

9:29 pm: Salman questions what Priyank told Hina about Shilpa and Arshi. Salman says, “You always make me feel like a fool.” He asks Priyank from where he has schooled to apologize any time though not scold a mistake. Salman narrates a whole part and repeats a discourse where Priyank compared Shilpa and Arshi to ‘saand’. Salman asks Hina and Sapna given they didn’t react.

9:26 pm: Salman questions Priyank. He asks Priyank, “How aged is mom and what’s her weight?” Priyank says she is heavy. Salman questions if she can run. Salman asks who works some-more than anyone during home. Salman says Shilpa works in a kitchen though how is it associated to being a captain of a house. He questions does she needs to be PT Usha to order a house.

9:23 pm: Salman says Puneesh and Akash’s faithfulness was fun. He adds that now we would declare their hatred. Akash says it’s usually 3 months. Salman creates him know that a whole universe is watching. Salman gives adult in creation him understand.

9:22 pm: Salman says diversion is alright though do not design faithfulness with anyone.

9:21 pm: Salman asks Puneesh given he betrothed to Akash and a latter is right as he is harm given of friendship.

9:21 pm: Puneesh and Akash speak about a captaincy task. Salman questions Puneesh about not gripping his promises. Akash gets assertive nonetheless again. He says Puneesh had a possibility though he did not do it.

9:20 pm: Sapna tells Salman that he committed a mistake by removing untaught people in a house. Salman says, “I will not respond to this statement.”

9:18 pm: Salman questions Sapna on removing harm when someone else questions her. Salman also asks her about bringing adult village in a house. He asks, “Aren’t Muslim, Jatt, Punjabi and all friends with any other.” He gets raw and says even children don’t speak like this.

9:16 pm: Hina disagrees that Puneesh did not use difference a approach he is observant right now. Salman says a conditions was utterly normal. Salman questions Hina about a approach she talked about Puneesh’s matter about Sapna. He asks her if she ever spoke about this to others. While she neglects him, Salman says Hina spoke about a matter to Priyank too.

9:13 pm: Puneesh explains that he has never been a one to speak ill about Sapna. He explains what he attempted and mentioned. Salman says it is right and clarifies that this is accurately how Puneesh said. Sapna asks if she can demeanour during a clip. Salman questions if she feels he is lying.

9:11 pm: Puneesh gets infancy and Salman calls him to give his verdict. Sapna is asked to explain given Puneesh is a villain. Salman says, “I am also massy”. He questions what is a problem in it. Salman clears that a approach things have been conveyed to her are really opposite to a approach Puneesh has spoken.

9:09 pm: Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary have been nominated for eviction. Salman says while we don’t know who will travel out though he is transparent who is a villain. He tests if a housemates and Salman’s suspicion compare during all. Hiten says Puneesh is a villain. Puneesh and Vikas says Priyank. Hina says Vikas. Shilpa says Sapna and many take Priyank’s name.

9:08 pm: Salman goes in a residence to accommodate a housemates. He says let’s have fun though by afterwards Akash Dadlani enters and he mocks Akash.

9:06 pm: Arshi says if Shilpa goes to Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma and speak about her, afterwards she would mangle a friendship.

9:05 pm: Shilpa Shinde questions Arshi Khan about her plan and given she is changeable sides. Arshi and Shilpa have a fight of difference in a kitchen area.

9:04 pm: Salman Khan welcomes a assembly and says vital in a Bigg Boss residence is not an easy task. He says with some-more than 100 cameras, it’s tough to censor anything from a audience. He introduces 4 nominated contestants once some-more and afterwards takes a assembly to a residence and shows additional footage from a week left by.

8:45 pm: Here’s what is in store today:

Bigg Boss 11 front on Colors.

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