Bigg Boss 11, Nov 23 preview: Hiten becomes a captain, Akash revolts opposite housemates

bigg trainer 11 november 23 part previewbigg trainer 11 november 23 part preview What has combined such a fury in Akash Dadlani?

The contestants of Bigg Boss 11 have been time and again bashed online for their inability to know tasks on a show. The courtroom play oppulance bill charge that could have incited out to be waggish and fun became a terrain for them. Allegations and accusations were thrown during any other and tears combined some-more to a drama. Now, in tonight’s episode, a captaincy charge will get a housemates to salary another quarrel opposite any other.

With Hiten Tejwani’s family winning a oppulance bill task, Bigg Boss would ask a housemates to select tip 5 performers in a same. Everyone would wish to turn a captain and shortly a inmates will be seen indulging in a word quarrel to infer themselves worthy. At a end, a 5 names would be selected and their cinema would be put in a grass area. As per a instructions, Bigg Boss would play a buzzer 4 times during a day, when one of a housemates would have to mist black paint over a competitor they don’t wish to see as a captain.

While many of a housemates would wish to save Hiten, who would be nominated for captaincy, Akash Dadlani will design Puneesh Sharma to take his side. He will keep on pressurizing him to hit out Hiten, so that he can turn a captain. Hina Khan once again will play a intelligent pierce as she will go forward and mist paint on Akash’s design and afterwards censure Puneesh of not station by his friend’s side. This would emanate a vital disagreement between Akash and Puneesh and they will be seen fighting.

Akash, post his defeat, will rebel opposite a housemates and a captain and announce that he will not attend in any domicile chores. He will also have a vital showdown and go on to scream during everyone.

Catch all these and some-more in tonight’s part of Bigg Boss 11.

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