Bigg Boss 11 Nov 18 Weekend Ka Vaar created update: Sunny Leone promotes Tera Intezaar on Salman Khan’s show

Sunny Leone visits a sets of Bigg Boss 11Sunny Leone visits a sets of Bigg Boss 11 Bigg Boss, hosted by Salman Khan, front on Colors.

Missed tonight’s Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode? Read all a highlights from a latest part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover aired on Colors.

10:01 pm: In a preview, we see Deepika Padukone dancing on a tunes of Ghoomar as she will join Salman Khan tomorrow to foster her subsequent release, Padmavati.

10 pm: Raghu and Balraj uncover each competitor in their bald avatar and everybody is left in splits on observant themselves like that.

9:59 pm: The members of a uncover Entertainment Ki Raat, Raghu and Balraj join Salman on a theatre and pokes fun during a contestants of a show. Raghu tells Akash that he will start looking like a bald Arshi if he starts going to a gym regularly.

9:49 pm: Salman now comes to a eviction. He tells that 3 contestants – Hina, Benafsha and Sapna are nominated for eviction from a residence .

9:48 pm: The tourist of a week asks Puneesh that how has he got a right to call Luv foolish when he himself plays with Bandgi’s mind and does all in a residence usually for Bandgi.

9:46 pm: Salman asks Hina what she favourite some-more – egg diagnosis or chocolate treatment. To that Hina says that she favourite egg chocolate treatment.

9:44 pm: Salman bids farewell to Arbaaz and Sunny and enters a house. He compliments all a contestants that they are resplendent after a charge they achieved with Sunny Leone.

9:43 pm: Arbaaz now promotes his film and wishes a happy matrimony anniversary to his relatives and sister Arpita and brother-in-law Ayush Sharma by singing a strain Mehfooz from Tera Intezaar.

9:42 pm: Now Salman asks Sunny Leone to report Bigg Boss 11 in one word and Sunny says, “Pagalpan”. Salman supports her and says this deteriorate has a crazy garland of contestants.

9:40 pm: Sunny takes a leave from a housemates and everybody gives her a comfortable farewell.

9:39 pm: When Hina Khan is given eggs by Sunny Leone, she in reprisal breaks them on Vikas’ conduct and asks him to come out of his shell. Vikas says Hina has a robe of observant right things though never practices them.

9:30 pm: Hiten is given a banana peels for a gorilla of a house. Hiten gives it to Akash who talks honeyed to everybody and tries to mangle friendships inside a house. Akash takes it sportingly and even dances like a monkey.

9:29 pm: Sunny now invites Arshi Khan who is given butter for a chairman who does a many buttering in a house. Arshi relates butter on Hiten with adore and sings a song.

9:28 pm: Next is Vikas Gupta who is given chocolate sauce. Sunny asks who does Vikas thinks needs to get sweeter in a residence and Vikas takes a name of Hina Khan. Vikas pours a chocolate salsa on Hina and she licks it from her face.

9:25 pm: Sunny’s breakfast smorgasboard has soya sauce, cold sauce, butter and other things. The initial one to attend in a charge is Shilpa and she asked who is a many tedious competitor in a house. Sunny tells Shilpa that she has cold salsa and Sapna has to request it on Sapna.

9:23 pm: The Laila Of Bollywood entered a residence with an engaging task, Thoda Khao Thoda Lagao. She entered a residence while moving on a strain of Tera Intezaar.

9:22 pm: Salman now introduces a expel of Tera Intezaar and his hermit Arbaaz Khan. Sunny Leone who has been compared with a uncover accompanies Arbaaz.

9:20 pm: Akash says a ok even if he has depressed in a eyes of his assembly this week as this has given him a new diversion plan.

9:18 pm: After Salman walks out, Hiten tries to explain to Akash that everybody pushes him to a forefront and plays on his name. But during a end, it is he who is responsible to Salman’s Vaar.

9:16 pm: Salman again appreciates Shilpa and Arshi’s calm and says their overpower was their best respond to Akash’s bold behaviour.

9:15 pm: Salman asks Shilpa if she thinks Akash’s greeting came not usually from his mind though also from someone else’s mind. This brings out a name of Puneesh and Bandgi who annoyed Akash. While Bandgi denied a accusation, Puneesh laughed off to equivocate a ungainly situation. Salman tells Bandgi that she should know that there are about 160 cameras in a residence and surprisingly all of them work good so she can't distortion to him.

9:12 pm: Salman tells Akash that he contingency have taken a cameras in a residence in certainty even if he was faking his quarrel with Shilpa. He serve supports Shilpa and Arshi as he says that Shilpa unequivocally cared for Akash and he has harm her feelings. Salman even appreciated Arshi for not removing annoyed by Akash’s bold behaviour.

9:09 pm: Salman serve takes Akash’s category as he tells him that we are dissapoint with Shilpa and Vikas’ loyalty since he mislaid a courtesy of a cameras. Now he has a problem so he is irking Shilpa and accusing her of faking her fights with Vikas to get a attention.

9:06 pm: Salman enters a house. Salman addresses Akash as ‘Dadlani Khaandaan Ka Shakaal’. Salman asks Akash that he has been observant that all is scripted inside a residence and he will betray a secrets inside a house. So what is that secret?

9:04 pm: Akash tries to give Shilpa Shinde medicine though she tells him to stay divided from her. As Puneesh creates fun of Akash and Shilpa’s fight, Shilpa tells him to behind off. Puneesh justifies observant that Akash is indignant since Shilpa used him during her fights with Vikas Gupta. He serve taunts her that she done Akash demeanour bad in front of a cameras.

9:02 pm: The part starts with Salman Khan in utterly a precipitate that he even forgets to hail a audience. He says a all since of a atmosphere of a residence where too most is happening. He takes a assembly inside a house.

8:45 pm: Here’s a hide look during tonight’s episode:

Bigg Boss 11 front on Colors.

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