Bigg Boss 11 part 3: Highlights

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After an burdensome assignment day, housemates arise adult to a new happy morning though it seems they are still in a hangover of what had happened a day before. Bigg Boss wakes adult a contestants with ‘Chak Dhoom Dhoom’ strain and set a happy tinge for a day. However, shortly things spin into a disaster with Akash Dadlani’s swat opposite Vikas Gupta, interjection to Shilpa Shinde and Zubair Khan nonetheless again removing into a exhilarated evidence with Bandgi Kalra.

While articulate to his co-contestants, Zubair once again used violent difference that did not go good with Bandgi and hence a whole thing, that was ostensible to be a review incited into an nauseous fight.

Amid all a fights, Bigg Boss attempted to ease down a contestants by introducing Bigg Boss plantation charge during that a inmates will learn to multiply some animals. Well, day 3 of a Bigg Boss was a ideal brew of delight and fights.

Read all a updates from a third part of Bigg Boss 11:

11:30 pm: In a preview of tomorrow’s episode, Vikas Gupta is seen loosing his cold and Sshivani Durga, who is a tantric, is seen sitting still in a center of a night that scares all her associate contestants.

11:24 pm: Vikas Gupta tries to ask Shilpa Shinde because she is revelation people that they were friends. Ignoring him entirely, Shilpa sings a song, “Jhooth Bole Kauan Kaate.” Vikas says Shilpa has separate celebrity disorder.

11:15 pm: Arshi Khan asks Vikas Gupta what happened between him and Shilpa Shinde. Vikas reveals he met Shilpa usually twice and they have never been friends. He says Shilpa is doing all this play to get attention.

11:13 pm: Shilpa Shinde tries to beam Jyoti Kumari.

11:11 pm: Sapna Choudhary calls Jyoti Kumari mad. She asks a Bihar lady to deliberate a doctor.

11:09 pm: Jyoti Kumari and Sapna Choudhary get into a quarrel of words.

11:07 pm: Bigg Boss tells padosis that they can go and tarry in a categorical residence of Bigg Boss usually if they would be means to play their impression well.

11:05 pm: Bigg Boss asks a padosis several questions to make certain that they are prepared with a story he asked them to prepare up.

11:04 pm: Akash Dadlani performs a charge well. He also handles a dickey well. Benafsha Soonawalla creates a dickey eat a carrot. The outcome of a charge stays unannounced.

11:01 pm: The subsequent charge has to achieved by Akash Dadlani, Bandgi Kalra and Benafsha Soonawalla. They have to rinse a dickey and maKe him eat carrot. For this they have to kick padosis quoted time that is 4 minutes.

11:00 pm: Zubair Khan calls Arshi Khan ‘gandii machlii’ (dirty fish). He even asks a viewers to hit her for any tiny function.

10:58 pm: Luv Tyagi accuses Sabyasachi Satpathy of giving gharwale too most time for a task.

10:57 pm: Sshivani and Zubair win a charge given to them most before a stipulated time.

10:56 pm: Sshivani Durga and Zubair Khan have to collect fishes from one jar and put into another jar in 4 and a half minutes.

10:55 pm: Bigg Boss asks Padosis to quote a time that they would have taken to finish a charge if they would have been in a place of Gharwale. The initial charge is to be achieved by Sshivani Durga and Zubair Khan.

10:53 pm: Bigg Boss announces a initial oppulance bill charge called ‘Padosi vs Gharwale’. Here a gharwale have to give a tough quarrel to Padosis.

10:51 pm: In a afternoon, Akash Dadlani tries to make assent between Zubair Khan and Bandgi Kalra. All a contestants sing, “Hanste Hanste Kat Jayein Raaste.” Zubair apologises to Bandgi.

10:49 pm: Arshi Khan now gets into a quarrel with Zubair Khan. Zubair accuses Arshi of adding fuel to a fights in a house. Zubair shouts during everybody and adds that he has not come here for fame.

10:48 pm: Zubair Khan calls Bandgi Kalra ‘double dholki’. He tells her she wants to play safe. Zubair once again warns a contestants to not to get on his nerves. Bandgi starts crying.

10:47 pm: Bandgi Kalra yells during Zubair Khan for regulating descent denunciation nonetheless again. In his opposite argument, Zubair says he pronounced usually what his mom taught him. Bandgi. who is nominated for eviction, refuses to listen to him. She says she is slightest meddlesome in what his mom says.

10:39 pm: Zubair Khan and Bandgi Kalra’s review takes an nauseous turn.

10:38 pm: Priyank Sharma tells Vikas Gupta that Bhabhiji aka Shilpa Shinde is being over thespian and Arshi Khan is personification a diversion best.

10:36 pm: Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde conflict any other indirectly. As Shilpa sings a strain Bhaag DK Bose, Vikas accuses her of removing abusive. He calls her a lethal multiple of a insane and crazy person.

10:35 pm: Akash Dadlani and Vikas Gupta once again get into an argument. Vikas tells Akash that he is fake. In a kitchen, Vikas tells Shilpa Shinde that she should apologize for her behaviour.

10:31 pm: The part opens with a strain Chak Dhoom Dhoom from Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s Dil Toh Pagal Hai. All a contestants are dancing to a tunes of a song.

10:20 pm: Here’s a hide look during tonight’s Bigg Boss episode:


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