Bigg Boss 11 Dec 3 Weekend Ka Vaar live updates

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Can’t watch tonight’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all a highlights from a latest part of India’s many argumentative existence uncover aired on Colors.

9:42 pm: Salman sends Bandgi and Puneesh to activity room to make them spend some time together. The actor says a dual are inseparable and gives them a possibility to confirm if a dual would wish to travel out of a uncover together or take a preference that whosoever gets lowest votes will travel out of a show.

9:36 pm: Salman plays antic with Luv for a while yet finally a actor says he is protected and can applaud yet warns Luv about a residence and his possess friends in a house.

9:35 pm: Salman asks a housemates who will leave a residence among a nominated contestants yet a actor gets repelled when Hina takes Luv’s name. He asks her, “Why did we contend that?” Hina says since his diversion is somewhat weak. Salman creates Luv know that he has been given many chances yet he didn’t utilize it. The housemates applaud a moment.

9:34 pm: Shilpa is a subsequent contestant. Priyank says she is not double faced. Others determine with Salman and Shilpa takes a step towards a pool. Arshi is a subsequent contestant. Hina warns her “we have only turn friends”. Arshi is mostly asked about her equation with Shilpa Shinde.

9:30 pm: Vikas is a subsequent contestant. Salman asks other contestants to answer on interest of him. Salman creates certain he asks questions to everybody who doesn’t like Vikas and a competitor take a step brazen with each question.

9:29 pm: Vikas says approbation when Salman asks if Hina is assured that Luv and Priyank will leave before her. Then Puneesh answers approbation when Salman questions that Hina overreacts in everything.

9:28 pm: Hina becomes a initial competitor to perform a task.

9:27 pm: Salman introduces a charge before elimination. Salman will announce names of contestants and they would have to mount on a pool side. With each question, if a housemates contend approbation or no, a competitor has to step down into a swimming pool. The questions have to be answered by Vikas.

9:23 pm: Second turn is Puneesh vs Luv where a dual have to pull a other out of a ring. The one who gets best of 3 wins a round. Luv pins down Puneesh and wins a second round.

9:21 pm: Luv takes a puncture during Bandgi while Puneesh says we also take Hina’s assistance and play according to her. Puneesh and Luv both get 4 votes and it’s a tie in a initial round.

9:17 pm: Salman reminds a audience  about a nominated contestants – Puneesh, Luv and Bandgi. Salman asks Puneesh and Luv to go to Sultani Akhada. Luv is intensely vehement to fight.

9:16 pm: Salman switches to critical mode and takes us inside a house. We see Bandgi and Puneesh carrying a review about Akash and elimination. Puneesh says if Bandgi leaves, afterwards he will not be means to control his anger.

9:14 pm: After a competition, Katrina asks Salman to stir her. He delivers Shah Rukh Khan’s discourse from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Katrina says she is utterly tender with “her Tiger.”

9:13 pm: Salman enters a residence by TV. Salman says whenever he draws Katrina’s portrait, she looks some-more like Vidya. Katrina complains that he draws a prolonged nose and Salman says we have a prolonged nose. Later, when Shilpa asks Salman to stir Katrina, Salman says “I have finished it all.”

9:11 pm: Now, Priyank, Vikas and Hiten paint a mural of Katrina Kaif.

9:10 pm: Priyank and Hiten are a subsequent to perform a task. Priyank takes over a charge and impresses Katrina.

9:09 pm: Katrina chooses Puneesh as a initial as he done a best roti. Hiten is third. Vikas is second and Priyank is in a fourth place. Now, a group of a residence are asked to uncover off their prohibited bodies and abs. All of them are asked to do swell dance by wearing ‘choli’. Katrina asks Puneesh and Vikas to perform on Afghan Jalebi strain from Ek Tha Tiger. Vikas receives a station acclaim from Katrina for his attempt.

9:05 pm: Katrina asks Akash to swat while creation rotis even yet Salman suggested her to stay divided from a rap-star of a house.

9:04 pm: There are props in a garden area where a housemates have to perform tasks. All group are asked to make breads (rotis) first, Katrina tries to assistance them out.

9:03 pm: Salman Khan welcomes a audience. He introduces Katrina Kaif to housemates inside. He creates a phone call to a residence and asks Shilpa Shinde to take caring of a special member who will be entering a house. He briefs Shilpa about a charge given to a group in a house. They would have to woo Katrina in a house.

8:45 pm: Here is a hide look during tonight’s episode:

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