Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan re-enters a house, brings a sword of mid-week eviction along

Awaam’s favourite, controversy’s child Arshi Khan has re-entered a madhouse of Bigg Boss 11 once again. When we interviewed her she had suggested she wanted to stay inside a residence more. Well, looks like makers have listened her wish and postulated it. Though we have to exhibit it to we that she won’t be in a residence as a contestant, though her as a guest. But her purpose on a show, in her second tenure, will be really important.

Arshi Khan has entered a residence to deliver competitor to a new turn in a game. With usually 6 days left for a finale, a makers have motionless to flog out nonetheless another competitor from a remaining four, so that a culmination will usually have 4 in a running. Who do we consider will be a detrimental competitor who’s be done to exit a residence usually a few days bashful of a culmination – Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta, or Akash Dadlani? Arshi will be in a residence for accurately 3 days. And she will make a outrageous impact on a arriving formula of a ongoing voting. Well, party is behind inside a house.

An insider has also suggested that makers have done adult their minds as to who they will be private from a residence in a center of a week. “Makers have motionless to possibly exude Puneesh or Akash. Also, Vikas will be offering Rs 10 lakh of a esteem income and be given a choice to take a income and willingly exit from a house” a source revealed. Let us see what new play awaits us in a final widen of a game.

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