Bicycle ‘should win Nobel Peace Prize’

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The organisers of a petition contend a bicycle causes fewer casualties and does not fuel wars over oil

The Nobel Peace Prize 2016 should go to a bicycle – during slightest that is what dual presenters on Italian state radio believe, and they have started a petition to pull for it.

The renouned Caterpillar programme on Italy’s Rai 2 network is gathering signatures to benefaction to a Norwegian Nobel Committee in February.

The presenters report a common two-wheeler as an “instrument of peace”.

They contend a bicycle does not means wars – mostly fought over oil.

The bike “is a many approved means of ride accessible to humanity”, contend Caterpillar’s hosts Massimo Cirri and Sara Zambotti.

They supplement that any kilometre pedalled generates a advantage to multitude of €0.16 (30.12; $0.17), compared with a amicable costs of regulating a car.

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Italian cycling champion Gino Bartali (centre) used his bicycle in World War Two to assistance save Jews by ferrying tawdry documents

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Riding a bicycle does not means atmosphere wickedness – another cause a petition organisers cite

The miss of wickedness and considerably fewer highway casualties caused by cycles are also cited, along with a approach cycles assistance children rise autonomy and move people closer together.

The petition’s proponents use a instance of Italian cycling champion Gino Bartali, who ferried tawdry papers by bike to save Jews during World War Two, as an instance of how a cycle aids “liberation and resistance”.

The devise is to broach a finished petition to a Nobel Committee by bike relay.

The petition has been launched amid a swell in a recognition of cycling – in sport, convenience and for travelling in cities.

PRecent Nobel Peace Prize winners embody President Obama, a European Union, a Organisation for a Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and Chinese tellurian rights supporter Liu Xiaobo.