Beyonce’s twins are apparently named Rumi Carter and Sir Carter: yay or nay?

Excited relatives Beyonce and Jay Z get dreaming by their unborn twins during a LA Clippers game

We still don’t know a accurate date that Beyonce gave birth to a Gemini Twins, or if they were even unequivocally innate underneath a Gemini sign. we select to trust that they were timed ideally to turn a Carter Gemini, and we select to trust that Beyonce gave birth maybe a week before anything was announced too, approaching mid-June. Sources told media outlets that Bey and a babies stayed in a sanatorium longer than approaching since a Beybies were beforehand and had to stay “under a lights.” And all this time, we still didn’t know a names of a Gemini Beybies. Well, now sources explain to know a names: Rumi and Sir. Seriously?

Have Beyoncé and father JAY-Z staid on names for their new additions? The couple’s twins, reportedly a daughter and a son, might be named Rumi and Sir Carter, according to heading papers filed to a United States Patent and Trademark Office on Monday and performed by PEOPLE. Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s association has filed papers to heading a apparent monikers for all from fragrances and cosmetics to baby gear, receptacle bags and H2O bottles.

TMZ was initial to news a news. The news comes hours after new father of 3 JAY-Z forsaken his latest manuscript 4:44, in that he reveals on a pretension lane that a twins were recognised naturally.

“I apologize mostly womanize / Took for my child to be innate / See by a woman’s eyes / Took for these healthy twins to trust in miracles / Took me too prolonged for this strain / we don’t merit you,” he says.

The newest members of a Carter family join large sister Blue Ivy, 5. The family of 5 are now staid in to their $400,000-a-month Malibu rental.

[From People]

I associate a name Rumi with the Sufi poet and we associate a same Sir with… like, a knighthood? Why Sir and not Prince or King or Emperor? we don’t know. Sir is a name we don’t like that much, though I’m surprisingly excellent with Rumi. we have an Indian name that used to be a boy’s name, so a name Rumi is giving me lots of vibes. Rumi Carter sounds lovable too. Like, Rumi and Blue Carter sound like they’re sisters. But Sir Carter? Eh.

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Excited relatives Beyonce and Jay Z get dreaming by their unborn twins during a LA Clippers game

2016 MTV Video Music Awards

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