Beyhadh 28th Aug 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya starts a heat to save Arjun while Arjun gets strike on head

Beyhadh now revolves accurately where it finished last, with Arjun(Kushal Tandon) is still organisation by a goons and Saanjh(Aneri Vajani) is still confusing to strengthen Arjun yet reaching no where exactly. Maya(Jennifer Winget) is a customarily saving beauty of a expose as she tries to keep us vigilant in her sorrow, her provoke and her love. The investigator who has finished it her circular to problem Maya and customarily Maya seems to be carrying fun. She jerks divided all a agarbatis Maya finished when Maya asks for her prize. Maya tries to critique yet in vain and she cires her heart out for a worry of Arjun as she collects a agarbatis.The investigator leaves for some work as she asks her subordinates to keep a watch on Maya. Maya gets her suspicion when she sees a smell blazing during a design of a deity circuitously and she sees a matchbox there. Saanjh and Ayaan strech a chateau of an aged confederate whose cctv cam faces a highway from that Arjun was kidnapped. a owners initial hesitates to let them in yet his mom senses Saanjh’s love- aaarghh!! we are so nauseated-and lets them through. They go by a footage to find a footage of Arjun stealing kidnapped and try to examination a array picture of a van. Saanjh has this mindblowing suspicion of tracking a array to strech Arjun- oh wow..and Saanjh is a lawyer!(Also Read: Maya tries to win a probability to make a phone call by elegant a Inspector)

She and Ayaan strech a troops sinecure and a troops seems so frequency laid behind and Saanjh seems so exceedingly arrogant. They have an justification and Ayaan drags Saanjh away. Later Arjun hears a goons endorse to kill him as a jubilee that had given them a agreement has not nonetheless called. Maya on a other palm manages to take a matchbox as she is pushed external a room. Maya lights a matchsticks and throws it on a agarbatis before going out and a investigator yet saying a heat fur a door. Maya also manages to take a pivotal from her container as she is bustling relaxing some fighting prisoners. Maya points to a fume rising from a hermetic doors and a whole lot pierce to a pathway confusing to smack it down. Maya takes a eventuality to outing divided to a inspectors cabin. She finds a phone there and dials for a goons yet as a phone rings during a goons’ finish Arjun manages to smack giveaway and starts bashing them. Maya keeps confusing yet gets no response. Maya hears a investigator has returned and is now walking to a cabin. Maya hides underneath a list and a investigator drops a key, Maya somehow manages to evade as a investigator walks away. The goons repress Arjun by renowned on his head. They dial behind yet do not get by a number. Finally Maya dials them again yet this time as a goons accept a call Maya faces a inspector.

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