Best brief films of 2017: Chhuri, Khujli, Kheer and Juice find place in a list

short films in 2017short films in 2017 Here are 15 of a best brief films from 2017.

2017 competence not have been a best year for Hindi cinema though it certainly saw a swell in a series of brief films that held a audience’s attention. A lot of new filmmakers along with many new technicians now have a height to tell their stories by this format. While brief films were progressing singular to singular viewing, interjection to video pity platforms, they have now turn a rage. Viewers are happy to deposit a few mins to get entertained and given it doesn’t even need any financial investment, these films are welcomed with open arms.

Here are 15 brief films from 2017 that managed to emanate a mark. (The sequence of this list is not as per ranking)

1. Chhuri (Dir: Mansi Jain)

Starring Tisca Chopra, Surveen Chawla Anurag Kashyap, this brief film is a story of a mom who is sleepy of her intrigue father and decides to work out a concede with a mistress. Much like Tisca’s brief film Chutney final year, this film centers around a same theme and deals with it a sharp, approach way.

2. Juice (Dir: Neeraj Ghaywan)

Starring Shefali Shah, this brief film is a story of each congenital domicile where women go in a kitchen while a group have all a right to lay around and applaud a approach they want. The film explores how women, from a really immature age, are conditioned to offer a group of a residence and this approved tradition lasts forever.

3. Anukul (Dir: Sujoy Ghosh)

Starring Saurabh Shukla, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Kharaj Mukherjee, this brief film is formed on a brief story by Satyajit Ray, Anukul is a story of a male who hires a robot-human for his daily chores. With Anukul, Ghosh attempts to make a brief film that conveys a definition by gestures instead of dialogues.

4. Jai Mata Di (Dir: Navjot Gulati)

Starring Supriya Pilgaokar, Shiv, Shriya Pilgaokar, this cut of life film explains what Mumbai is all about. When a integrate who wants to live together is asked for explanation that they are indeed married, they call in a maternal figure who can pronounce to a attorney on their half.

5. The Affair (Dir: Hardik Mehta)

Starring Amit Sial, Khushboo Upadhyay and Mahi Sadhwani, this brief film is a story of adore from a close city of dreams. A male and lady lay by a sea each dusk and a immeasurable sea is their usually companion. But this event can't final for prolonged as they have to rush behind home and continue to live a paltry life.

6. Kheer (Dir: Surya Balakrishnan)

Starring Anupam Kher and Natasha Rastogi is a story of adore that goes over a bounds of amicable convention. There is no age to tumble in adore though infrequently it’s wily to let a younger ones know that fraternisation is what binds dual people together.

7. Khujli (Dir: Sonam Nair)

Starring Neena Gupta and Jackie Shroff, this brief film is a story of a married integrate who have depressed into a slight though dream of spicing things up. Khujli is a story of violation out of a routine and a waggish obstacles that come their way.

8. Death of a Father (Dir: Somnath Pal)

This charcterised film is a story of a son who goes by grief after a genocide of his father. He has to keep adult with a rituals while also traffic with his and his family’s emotions.

9. The Manliest Man (Dir: Anuj Gulati)

Starring Yogesh Tiwari and Mukesh Pachode, this story is set in a encampment where a birth of a lady child is no means for celebration. The encampment potter has not had any sons nonetheless and this is a means for regard for a sarpanch. The encampment thrives on a primitive caste-based politics and a ones who have daughters are treated as criminals.

10. Bruno Juliet (Dir: Khawar Jamsheed)

This is a required adore story. The one lifted with all a cache yearns for a elementary life and a one who roams a streets is only looking for adore though a protagonists aren’t humans, though dogs. This darling brief film is a adore story between dual dogs, Bruno and Juliet. They go to opposite worlds, one searches a streets for her subsequent dish while a other lives a intemperate life though it’s adore that brings them together.

11. Khoon Aali Chhithi (Dir: Rupinder Inderjit)

Starring Manpreet Gill, Jaskamal Gill, Anmol Gill, this brief film is set opposite a backdrop of rising community tragedy in Punjab. Here, a lovelorn teen writes adore letters to his dear in his possess blood as she writes behind in a same approach as well. Their adore story is misty though a tinge of a film is not and that is where it grips a viewer.

12. Mumbai Varanasi Express (Dir: Aarti Chabria)

Starring Darshan Jariwala, this story is set nearby a ghats of Varanasi. When an aged male finds out that he doesn’t have most time left, he decides to spend a rest of his days in a holy city. The discord of a city is juxtaposed with a state of his mind and a outcome is an enchanting story that lets we see all from a protagonist’s indicate of view.

13. Khaney Mein Kya Hai? (Dir: Akanksha Seda)

Starring Ayesha Raza Mishra, Shikha Talsania and Swachata Guha, this brief film is a story of a mom and daughter. The daughter has only gotten behind from her honeymoon and isn’t bashful of revelation her mom about her practice with her husband. The mom still believes in a normal approach of doing things. The dual use food as a substitution and sell their thoughts by food associated puns.

14. The School Bag (Dir: Dheeraj Jindal)

Starring Rasika Dugal and Sartaaj RK, this brief film is set opposite a backdrop of a Peshawar attacks of 2014. This is a story of a caring mom who receives a distressing news on her son’s birthday. The film tells a story of trusting victims and a tragedy that they have to face after a radicals widespread their terror.

15. In Defence of Freedom (Dir: Nandita Das)

Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, this brief film is set in Manto’s classroom. It conveys his law of gallantry and a bravery to pronounce a truth. This brief film can be seen as a predecessor to a underline film being destined by Das that also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Here’s anticipating for an even some-more interesting 2018.

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