Bernie Sanders Slams Donald Trump: He Wants Low Minimum Wage, To Benefit The Rich

Bernie Sanders had Donald Trump in his crosshairs during a third Democratic discuss on Dec. 19, observant that he wants to assistance “the abounding get richer” by gripping a smallest salary low, and regulating injustice as a distraction. This is removing intense!

Hillary Clinton, 68, Bernie Sanders, 74, and Martin O’Malley, 52, squared off for a third time on Dec. 19, but Bernie took on Donald Trump with a many passion. He explain a billionaire incited politician wants to keep a smallest salary low in sequence to assistance a “rich get richer.” Here’s what went down.

Bernie went conduct to conduct for a third time with Hillary and Martin on Saturday, Dec 19 in New Hampshire, only four days after a intense Republican Debate in Las Vegas on Dec 15. While he battled his approach competition, Bernie also turned his attention to his GOP reflection Donald, aggressive him for operative to benefit the wealthy. TUNE INTO THE LIVE STREAM RIGHT HERE.

When asked about terrorism, Bernie pronounced that while adults are disturbed about that, their vital regard is a vital wage. “They’re anxious about a fact that they are operative impossibly prolonged hours, they’re disturbed about their kids and they’re observant a income and resources going to a tip 1%,” pronounced Bernie, branch his sights on a billionaire.

“And they’re looking during Washington and observant a abounding are removing most richer, I’m removing poorer, what are we going to do for my kids? And somebody like a Trump comes along and says we know a answers.” According to Bernie, a answer is revelation people to hatred Mexicans and Muslims while operative to disenfranchise all center and reduce category people that are struggling financially.

“Meanwhile, a abounding get richer,” says Bernie. “So what we contend to those people who go to Donald Trump’s rallies, understand, he thinks a low smallest salary in America is a good idea. He thinks low salary are a good idea.” Bernie has fought tough for lifting a smallest salary to $15/hr, what he calls a “living wage” while Donald wants to keep it where it is.

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While a Republican possibilities are still battling opposite any other, it seems Hillary and Bernie have incited their focus from those within a Democratic party, to a big leagues. Bernie, a New Hampshire senator, is projected to have a 5 indicate lead in a pivotal voting state, while Hillary leads 20 points overall. Perhaps they should concentration some-more on any other than Donald.

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