Bernie Sanders Dances, Reveals What His Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Would Be on ‘Ellen’

Democratic presidential claimant Bernie Sanders got his slit on on Thursday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Sanders is a second 2016 Democratic presidential claimant to stop by Ellen this season, with frontrunner Hillary Clinton appearing on one of a handful of episodes DeGeneres taped in New York in September.

Like his associate candidate, Sanders danced (an Ellen tradition) to “Disco Inferno” and “Stayin’ Alive.”

The former, that includes a verse “Burn, baby, burn,” played as Sanders took a theatre (video below).


Sanders and DeGeneres danced to a latter strain during a finish of his interview, during that he suggested that a Saturday Night Fever strike would be his karaoke pick.

That answer was one of many Sanders gave to a array of “personal questions” DeGeneres asked him.

Other inquiries included: “If we were a season of Ben Jerry’s, what would we be called?” “If we had to collect a Republican presidential claimant to be stranded on a forlorn island with, who would it be?” and “Boxers or briefs?”

To find out his answers to those questions, watch a video below.