‘Berlin Station’ Star Sued by Ex-Talent Manager

Talent manager Joannie Burstein is suing her former customer Leland Orser since she claims he disregarded their understanding as shortly as his Epix array Berlin Station became a blurb success.

Burstein represented Orser for some-more than a decade, according to a complaint. She’s suing for crack of contract, claiming he abruptly consummated her in Apr and stopped profitable her 10 percent elect from projects he landed while she was handling him.

“In sum, Burstein acted as Orser’s loyal manager and crony for years, station by Orser by formidable durations in his veteran life and staying loyal to him until he achieved his long-term career goals,” writes profession Bryan Freedman in a complaint. “No earlier did Orser finally strech those goals than he motionless to misuse Burstein.”

The manager and actor reached an verbal agreement in 2005 underneath that Burstein would accept a tenth of Orser’s sum remuneration from behaving gigs, according to a censure filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Berlin Station is a initial scripted play from Epix, a corner try of Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM. The view array has been renewed for a sophomore deteriorate and is set to start prolongation this spring.

Burstein says she’s due elect from both Berlin Station and Showtime array Ray Donovan, which Orser landed before terminating her, and is seeking a justice for an accounting to establish accurately how most she is due.

Orser’s member did not immediately respond to a ask for comment.