Ben Schwartz & Danny Pudi Reveal ‘DuckTales’ Revival Is A ‘Nice Blend Of Old & New’

Woo-oo! ‘DuckTales’ is back! talked EXCLUSIVELY with Ben Schwartz and Danny Pudi brazen of a show’s Aug. 12 premiere, and they spilled all sorts of drop about a revival!


DuckTales, shaped on a Emmy Award-winning series, will make a triumphant return Aug. 12 on Disney XD. DuckTales chronicles a high-flying adventures of Duckburg’s many famous trillionaire Scrooge McDuck and his mischief-making triplet grandnephews – Huey, Dewey and Louie. Donald Duck will be along for a ride, as good as a clinging McDuck Manor team: Launchpad McQuack, Mrs. Beakley, and Mrs. Beakley’s granddaughter, Webby Vanderquack. DuckTales will premiere in a one-hour radio film to be presented for 24 undeviating hours on Aug. 12 derivation during midnight ET/PT on Disney XD. Then, a array will opening with twin new episodes on Sept. 23! Check out a speak with twin of a voices behind Ducktales — Ben Schwartz and Danny Pudi!


I have to ask right off a bat, did we watch DuckTales multiplying up?
Ben Schwartz: We were both vast fans of it. we cruise there’s a form of nostalgia for people a age that are hearing it, and a hope’s that your kids [pointing during Danny], my niece and nephew are going to watch it for a new generation. It meant a lot to me multiplying up.
Danny Pudi: we cruise it was one of those shows that we both compared to. It strike during that right time, it was after school. It was kind of routine. I’m one of three, so it was a expose that my brother, my sister, and we all resolved on. It was unquestionably super fun, and now to get to do it now, it does feel like I’m means to interpretation it nonetheless also share with kids who grew adult with it and now have kids. It’s an pardon for me to watch it, really.

Who was your fave sense multiplying up? 
Ben Schwartz: we was a Gizmoduck boy. we preferred Gizmoduck and we unquestionably favourite Launchpad and Darkwing Duck. But Gizmoduck was my thing, given during a time a Huey, Dewey, and Louie were all spoken by a same person. They didn’t unquestionably have any sold personalities, nonetheless this time, they do in a unquestionably vast way.
Danny Pudi: we was a vast Launchpad fan.
Ben Schwartz: It’s tough not to venerate Launchpad.
Danny Pudi: Launchpad was usually so fun and Gizmoduck, too. we cruise those twin for any child was just… Gizmoduck was such a hero.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie were all spoken by same male in a bizarre series, nonetheless now a characters are being spoken by 3 conflicting people. How are a characters going to be conflicting this time around? 
Danny Pudi: So they’re triplets. we play Huey, a oldest by 3 seconds.
Ben Schwartz: we play Dewey, who is a core child, and Bobby Moynihan plays Louie.
Danny Pudi: Each of us arrange of has a conflicting prove of view. I’ll be a many thankful one, we think. On a outside, we tend to like a plan, we venerate rules, we venerate structure, and we venerate like relating family vacation t-shirts.
Ben Schwartz: The proceed that Frank [Angones] had meant it is that even nonetheless we’re triplets, Huey came out first, so he’s a oldest. we came out second, so I’m a core child by one second, and Louie’s a young. What Dewey wants to do is usually get out and explore. He wants to mountain out in a crowd. He wants to be a one everybody looks at. we news him as Leroy Jenkins. He wants to detonate toward adventure, he wants to be a one to expose everybody what he’s means of doing and all those things.


What can we incite about a new adventures in a revival?
Ben Schwartz: There’s so many fun spoiler-y things opening up. But what you’ll see a lot of is… In my head, it’s like, we get a suspicion of family, a expose is about family and that it’s these nephews, Webby, and Scrooge McDuck. So it’s all about a suspicion of a family, nonetheless it’s also this Indiana Jones-type vast tour any week. It’s like if we went on these adventures with your family.

It’s been 30 years given a original, since is now a ideal time for a revival?
Ben Schwartz: we cruise a suspicion of a reformation opening now shows that people that are a age that cunning even have kids can grow adult with it… It’s so fantastic. To take a impression of animation and make it some-more comic book driven or a rebate of both of them and donation a new account visually of that with a same themes that come from a aged show, we cruise they could play with it some-more and a storylines are so fun now. For some reason, it usually feels like now is a ideal time.
Danny Pudi: It does. we cruise they did a good office of unquestionably reinventing it. we think, for instance, origination any of a characters some-more sold kind of gives them some-more of a uninformed take. It’s a good brew of a aged and new. It’s got a unquestionably difficult comedic feel to it, that we cruise will seductiveness to a lot of people in a generation. But during a same time, it’s still got a idea of a bizarre comics, that is good for kids and Disney fans.

The topic aria has been updated, nonetheless it’s still graceful many a same, since do we cruise it was vicious that a aria stayed a same?
Danny Pudi: It’s so iconic. It’s usually an improbable topic song. we cruise it’s one of those things that’s unquestionably special. we would be too fearful to disaster with it, nonetheless we cruise they did a good office of updating it.
Ben Schwartz: We got to accommodate a lady who finished a bizarre topic song, and he is a nicest guy. For me, we venerate a topic aria so much, and it’s roughly like a fingerprint of what this expose is. Keeping a lyrics a same and giving it an updated feel with a same form of lyrics and cadence and things like that we cruise is unquestionably important. That aria floods your senses, and we know accurately what you’re about to see.

Did we feel any effect about holding on something so iconic? 
Ben Schwartz: we cruise it’s usually that we wish to do it well. We wish it to be good. We wish it to be funny. The ban they got is bananas. Us, Bobby, David Tennant, Kate MicucciToks Olagundoye, and a guest ban is Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jim Rash, Paul F. Tompkins, Alison Janney, a list is bananas. Oh, Launchpad is Beck Bennett, and he is so funny. The ban becomes such a block of a expose now, and we cruise it shows a peculiarity of a expose that we’re origination and there’s other surprises opening up.

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