Ben Affleck’s Mother Ashamed of Divorce Scandal: Demands Couples Counseling – Begs Jennifer Garner To Reunite?

Ben Affleck's Mother Ashamed of Divorce Scandal: Demands Couples Counseling - Begs Jennifer Garner To Reunite?

Is Ben Affleck’s mom ashamed of her son’s disorderly divorce scandal? Has Christine Boldt demanded that Jen and Ben attend couples counseling? Reportedly Ben is once again vagrant Jennifer Garner to reunite.

It does seem that Ben’s mom has been Team Jen all a approach ever given allegations that Affleck cheated with a couple’s nanny Christine Ouzounian began circulating. Ben’s mom and Jen were speckled together recently after attending church with Affleck and Garner’s daughter Seraphina. Those in a know contend Ben’s mom is adhering by Jen’s side and frozen Ben out.

And as some-more and some-more allegations come out about Affleck’s hook-ups, Christine is apropos some-more and some-more dissapoint with her “scandal-plagued son.” Insiders suggested to GLOBE that Ben’s mom is ashamed and mad and in no capricious terms told Ben that if he loses Jennifer it will be “the biggest mistake of his life.”

Is Christine Boldt fed adult with Ben’s reported merrymaking and womanizing? Jennifer has been really tighten to Ben’s mom via a couple’s 10-year marriage. If Christine is seeking Jen to Ben behind and recommending couples conversing will Garner give Affleck another chance?

This Hollywood matrimony competence be a mislaid cause. Ben has allegedly been saying “Live by Night” co-star Sienna Miller. There’s also hum that Affleck is spending time with another blonde – starlet Abigail Kuklis. Abigail has a really tiny purpose in Ben’s new film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and a prolongation insider for a film says, Ben and Abigail Kuklis have “spent time on both coasts” and they’re gripping things on a down low.

Can mom Christine’s involvement assistance Ben and Jennifer to get behind together? Since a couple’s separate there have been several reports that Jen and Ben have done critical attempts to determine usually for some-more intrigue allegations to surface.

Will Jennifer Garner determine to attend couples conversing with disloyal father Ben Affleck? Is Ben vagrant Jen to give their matrimony one some-more try? If a intrigue allegations don’t stop will Christine Boldt give adult on Ben and sojourn resolutely by Jennifer’s side?

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