Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus spent a weekend in Vegas, are now behind in LA

People Magazine has disdainful sum about Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus’s weekend together in Vegas along with paparazzi photos of them looking matchy while out in LA progressing on Monday. They also went to cooking in LA final night, where mixed paparazzi agencies got a photos of them entrance out of a grill with leftovers.

Prior to that we saw SNL writer Shookus drifting out of LAX Friday morning after we schooled that she was dating Affleck. we suspicion those dual competence take a mangle from any other though apparently not. They went to Vegas over a weekend and afterwards returned to LA where Lindsay reportedly had a business meeting. People has a details, including a photos of a dual of them removing coffee in LA. The photos of Lindsay alone (below) are of her withdrawal Ben’s residence on Monday, though she went behind and they went out to dinner. When is a final time we saw Ben lucent like this with Jen?

Ben Affleck and his new partner Lindsay Shookus are behind in Los Angeles after spending time in Las Vegas.

The dual were speckled grabbing coffee during Starbucks in relating black outfits Monday morning.

“Ben and Lindsay both returned to L.A.from Las Vegas yesterday,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Lindsay spent a night during Ben’s house. She had a business assembly this morning. She is in a good mood.”

Shookus was speckled headed to a studio Monday morning as a source tells PEOPLE a dual are spending time together in L.A. again. The Saturday Night Live writer was seen drifting out of a city Friday morning as news of a attribute broke.

Shookus was seen lucent Monday as she done her approach to a assembly in L.A. The writer kept it infrequent with a lax black dress and a jean coupler over her shoulders interconnected with pink flats and black sunglasses.

“She’s out in LA for work,” a source tighten to Shookus tells PEOPLE. “The and is that a man that she’s saying is there, though she’s there for work meetings.”

[From People]

There’s some-more in there that we’ve listened before, about how an Affleck source claims they didn’t start dating until they both were distant while mixed sources endorse that a attribute started in 2013. So is this Ben easing a open into his “new” girlfriend? As I’ve mentioned, we consider she’s a side square was peaceful to put adult with his bullsh-t a longest, nonetheless Garner will expected always reason that indeterminate honor. It’s also probable Lindsay is spilling to a press, given that some quotes are sourced to her side “She’s out in LA for work. The and is that a man that she’s saying is there, though she’s there for work meetings.” Such a cold chicky though she’s not an attention-seeker, or if she was she put a close down on her amicable media before a story came out. She doesn’t have a open Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that we can find. This is a boon for unresolved around and traffic with Affleck on his terms for years. There contingency be perks to dating Affleck like extraordinary vacations, shopping, private jets, etc. That is until he finds a subsequent glossy thing to confuse him. He needs a deputy for Garner now and it looks like he found her and combined a new pursuit opening. Do we consider he’s still sober?

Photos credit: Backgrid, WENN and Pacific Coast News