Ben Affleck Is Still In Awe Of The ‘Outpouring Of Support’ Since His Rehab Stint

This film competence only be a lick of genocide for Netflix.

The streaming height forsaken a trailer for a new fear film Death Note, and it’s already offending people during initial glance.

That’s since a story is a dear abnormal manga and anime array centering around a uneasy Japanese teen, and a Netflix chronicle facilities — we guessed it — a primarily white cast!

In a trailer, we get a demeanour during a whiten blonde Nat Wolff as talent *Seattle* teen Light Turner, who discovers an immorality cover that gives him a energy of life and death.

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Things fast get out of palm as a pages turn, with Light rising into a electioneer opposite a criminals of a world, all while avoiding removing held by talent investigator L (LaKeith Stanfield).

Despite a trailer looking creepy af, a abnormal play is already removing condemned by fans who are pissed a new chronicle totally shits on a strange canon.

Opponents took to Twitter to demonstrate their disappointment over Hollywood’s “Americanized” adaptations of Japanese manga never starring a Japanese-American lead. We mean, is it too most to ask for equal illustration in a description of mass murderers?

Ch-ch-check out a trailer and see how a Twitics responded (below)!

[Image around Madman Entertainment/Netflix.]