Bekah Martinez of ‘The Bachelor’ Announces Pregnancy

Bekah Martinez of The Bachelor announced large news currently and she is awaiting her initial child. Pure Wow was a one who got to break a large story. Bekah was ostensible to be on Bachelor in Paradise this past season, though she found adore and motionless to skip a show. Reality Steve certified there were rumors going around that she was pregnant, though she usually certified it.

Bekah has been with live-in beloved Grayston Leonard for 7 months, though usually 3 months into their attribute she got pregnant. Bekah waited until she was past her initial trimester to share a news with fans. It was a sum startle when they found out a baby was on a way.

It turns out that Grayston was uncertain about a news during first, though Bekah couldn’t be happier. She common observant it was “legitimately a dream come true.” She went on to say, “It’s a one thing that I’ve famous with certainty for so long. I’ve left behind and onward on a thought of matrimony and relationships, though I’ve always felt certain that we wish to be a mom.” Lucky for her, a dream is entrance true.

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She is due during a finish of Jan 2019 and is median by her pregnancy now. Her initial trimester wasn’t easy on her, though things are going improved for Bekah now. She is behind to doing things like hiking that she loves once again. Bekah is unequivocally propitious to have a partner who is totally involved. He gives her behind rubs and cooks. Bekah went on to share how most some-more he does.

“He immediately started researching prenatal vitamins and afterwards presented me with a tip 4 options to select from. He’s been unequivocally into anticipating resources and reading books about pregnancy. He stepped adult to a image and it usually creates me feel that most improved about starting this new territory in my life with him.”

Bekah Martinez explained that they are doing well, though they aren’t formulation to get married anytime soon. She says they are connected by their baby and they aren’t even meditative about another joining during this time. You never know what will occur in a destiny for these two, though right now they are vehement and enjoying life.

Are we repelled to hear that Bekah Martinez is expecting? Let us know in a comments territory below, and don’t skip new episodes of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood when they start airing in Jan on ABC.