Battle rages over Taliban-captured city

Heavy fighting is stability in a Afghan city of Kunduz, one day after supervision army launched an conflict to retrieve it from a Taliban.

Two US atmosphere strikes on Tuesday halted an try by insurgents to seize a airport, a army’s stronghold.

Afghanistan’s view group says a strikes killed a Taliban personality in a range and his deputy, though a Taliban has denied this.

The constraint of Kunduz represents a militants’ biggest feat given 2001.

On Tuesday a United States concurred a seizure of Kunduz as a setback, though says it stays assured that Afghan confidence army can re-take a northern city.

Overnight there were clashes around a city, though it stays misleading only how many of it stays underneath supervision or Taliban control.

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Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, a orator for Kunduz’s infantry chief, told Reuters: “Hundreds of Taliban are killed and their passed bodies are on (the) streets.”

The Afghan counterclaim method claimed a town’s infantry domicile and jail had been recaptured, after militants expelled hundreds of prisoners when they took a city on Monday.

But Taliban-released video showed militants in a city display off seized tanks, armoured vehicles, infantry cars and Red Cross vans.

An watcher told a BBC that Taliban reinforcements had also arrived, with a conditions too dangerous for locals to leave.

Residents, shaken of both a Taliban and a probability of street-fighting in a conflict for a city, are mostly staying indoors.

The Taliban’s new leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, pronounced a supervision should acknowledge defeat.

President Ashraf Ghani, who finished his initial year in bureau on Tuesday, pronounced in a televised residence that “progress” was being done recapturing Kunduz, though confidence army had been hampered by a Taliban regulating civilians as tellurian shields.

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Taliban fighters seized UN and Red Cross cars, along with infantry and infantry vehicles

The conflict on Monday was quick and took Afghan army by surprise.

As dark fell, heavily armed fighters crossed fields to conflict a city from mixed directions. They fast impressed several of a infantry checkpoints fortifying a fringe of a town.

They afterwards prisoner pivotal buildings, liberated about 500 prisoners from a city’s jail and forced officials and infantry to shelter to a airport.

Kunduz range has seen a series of attacks given April, with a Taliban fasten army with other insurgents.

Nato finished a fight goal in Afghanistan in December, withdrawing many of a troops, detached from a 13,000-strong residual force used for training and counter-terrorism operations.

Militant assault has increasing opposite Afghanistan given a depart of many Western forces.

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Officials pronounced thousands of special army were scheming to retake a city

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