Battle for Mosul: Iraq claims feat over Islamic State; here’s a timeline of three-year war

Iraqi Army soldiers accumulate to applaud their gains as their quarrel opposite Islamic State militants continues in a Old City of Mosul, Iraq, Sunday, Jul 9, 2017. (AP Photo)

On Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced his country’s armed forces’ “victory” over Islamic State in a besieged city of Mosul, so bringing an finish to a tiresome nine-month conflict to retrieve a Old City from a jihadist after 3 years of a rule. Mosul was a largest city that came underneath a clutches of a apprehension outfit and a conflict for a city left thousands of civilians passed and replaced scarcely one million people besides withdrawal vast areas in ruins. “The commander in arch of a armed army (Prime Minister) Haider al-Abadi arrived in a released city of Mosul and congratulated a drastic fighters and Iraqi people for a good victory,” his bureau pronounced in a statement.

However, a organisation is approaching to return to some-more required mutinous strategy such as bombings. The United States-led general bloc has been conducting airstrikes opposite a militants and aiding Iraqi infantry on a ground. The central matter also comes accurately 3 years after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had admitted a “caliphate” travelling Syria and Iraq from a pulpit of a Gothic Grand al-Nuri mosque.

Here is a timeline showcasing pivotal dates in a Iraqi descent to recapture Mosul  from ISIS (Daesh militants):

June 10, 2014– Al-Baghdadi’s fighters seized control over Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul, followed by Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit and smaller communities in a Sunni heartland as supervision army melted away.

June 29, 2014– The apprehension outfit announced a investiture of an Islamic state, or caliphate, in territories it controls in Iraq and Syria and final devotion from Muslims worldwide. It declares al-Baghdadi as a personality of a new caliphate.

October 17, 2016– Iraqi army launched a attack opposite a ISIS militants. Tens of thousands of army, troops and counter-terrorism infantry are thrown into a long-awaited descent with atmosphere and belligerent support from a US-led coalition. Kurdish army also assimilated in operations north and easterly of a city.

Fleeing Iraqi civilians travel past a heavily shop-worn al-Nuri mosque as Iraqi army continue their allege opposite Islamic State militants in a Old City of Mosul, Iraq. (AP Photo)

November 1, 2016– The army pronounced it has entered Mosul city for a initial time given 2014.

Nov 3, 2016– Breaking a yearlong silence, Al-Baghdadi urged supporters to quarrel to a genocide for Mosul in an audio recording. The Iraqi allege began to slow.

Nov 13, 2016– Iraq pronounced it has recaptured Nimrud, an ancient city southeast of Mosul.

Nov 23, 2016– Shiite-dominated paramilitary units famous as a Hashed Al-Shaabi pronounced they have cut Daesh supply lines between Mosul and a militants’ Syrian building Raqqa.

December 29, 2016– Ending a two-week pause, a supervision infantry launched a second proviso of their attack on easterly Mosul.

A lady screams while journey with her family by a broken alley, as Iraqi Special Forces continue their allege opposite Islamic State militants, in a Old City of Mosul, Iraq. (AP Photo)

January 8, 2017– Iraqi units reached a Tigris River that divides Mosul and took adult positions nearby one of a city’s 5 bridges, all have been destroyed.

Jan 24, 2017– The Joint Operations Command that concurrent a quarrel pronounced a easterly has been “fully liberated.”

February 19, 2017– Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced a start of a conflict for western Mosul, with Iraqi army corroborated by bloc atmosphere energy and close-in support from bloc advisers.

Feb 24, 2017– Iraqi army took full control of Mosul airfield and enter their initial west Mosul neighbourhood. Three days after they seized control of a fourth overpass over a Tigris.

An harmed Iraqi army infantryman is bright by a flashlight as he is treated during a margin sanatorium while Iraqi army continue their allege opposite Islamic State militants in a Old City of Mosul, Iraq (AP Photo)

March 12, 2017– A US attach� pronounced Iraqi infantry had cut all roads into western Mosul, trapping remaining Daesh militants inside.

Mar 14, 2017– Iraqi army pronounced they had prisoner a city’s sight hire after reaching other mystic sites such as a informal supervision domicile and a city’s museum.

May 4, 2017– Iraqi army launched a second front in northwestern Mosul to serve sign a encircle on a Old City, where Daesh has strong many of a resources.

May 16, 2017– A troops orator pronounced it has recaptured roughly 90 percent of west Mosul.

June 18, 2017– Iraqi army launched an attack to retake a Old City, where a UN pronounced militants competence be holding some-more than 100,000 civilians as tellurian shields.

July 9, 2017– Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi arrived in Mosul and congratulated a armed army for their “victory” over Islamic State.

With AFP, Reuters inputs

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