Barbra Streisand Might be Directing An Episode Of ‘Life In Pieces’

She destined Yentl, The Prince of Tides, and The Mirror Has Two Faces, though could a TV part of a CBS uncover Life in Pieces be subsequent on Barbra Streisand’s plate?  According to father James Brolin, who stars as John Short on a show, it’s a clear possibility.  

“I went to her creatively and due that she competence approach one,” Brolin told The Hollywood Reporter at The Paley Center for Media’s row An Evening with Life in Pieces on Monday night. “She pronounced maybe in a second deteriorate once we’re settled.”

According to co-star Thomas Sadoski, Streisand is no foreigner to a Life in Pieces set.

“She came and watched us fire a pilot,” Sadoski said. “She couldn’t have been any lovelier, and carrying her around giving us support was amazing. Literally, anything that lady wants to do, she’s a queen.”

Executive writer Jason Winer suggested there have already been talks about carrying Babs on ever given her visit, though as a guest star.

“It’s something we’re articulate about,” Winer said. “We’ve talked about a integrate opposite possibilities. Jen’s mom is one example. An ex of Brolin’s is another example. we consider it would be fun to have her play a really uncanny impression who is zero like her, let her consider outward a box.”

However, Streisand’s hubby thinks a best gamble to nab his mythological mother is as a director, if she can fit it into her bustling report and if they could accommodate her demands, that is. 

“If she has a lot of room to change a script, pierce things around, select between dual or 3 scripts, afterwards perhaps,” Brolin pronounced of a possibility. “I don’t know if that’s going to happen. Plus, she’s directing Catherine The Great right now, and she’s got 3 projects going and an album. She’s so busy, I have to make an appointment to speak to her!”