Backstage Interviewer Gone From WWE NXT

Backstage interviewer Christy St. Cloud (Christy Olson) is no longer operative for WWE NXT, according to Squared Circle Sirens. records that St. Cloud recently had her agreement end and a dual sides chose to partial ways.

Christy has altered her amicable media handles behind to @CHRISTYreports.

Christy worked for Afterbuzz TV before being hired by WWE in 2017. She also did some indie work before entrance to work for WWE.

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Below is a new video blog from Christy. Her YouTube bio reads like this, “I’m a initial ever usually Hollywood red runner YouTuber! we get answers to a questions you’re failing to ask…Subscribe to my channel for disdainful luminary interviews, behind a scenes sum other luscious stuff. we used to play Christy St. Cloud on WWE NXT.”