Bachelor in Paradise’s Tanner and Jade Roper Tolbert Show Off Daughter’s ‘Bright and Open’ Nursery

When Jade Roper Tolbert and husband Tanner Tolbert‘s daughter Emerson Avery arrived a month early in August, the Bachelor in Paradise alums were left scrambling.

“We suspicion we had some-more time,” Tolbert, 30, tells PEOPLE. “We kept loitering and delaying, given we were so bustling relocating into a residence and a rest of a rooms. We unequivocally hadn’t nailed down a hothouse thought 100 percent nonetheless and afterwards when she came early, we were like, ‘Oh my God’ — we didn’t have anything.”

Luckily, home pattern website Modsy saved a day. “Modsy done it unequivocally easy for us,” says Roper Tolbert, 30. “We worked with their designer, and they use these renders and pattern your whole room for you, afterwards uncover we where all is ostensible to go. So it only took all a highlight out of it for us, that was unequivocally nice.”

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The ensuing space is ideal for baby Emerson, now 7 weeks. “I didn’t wish to go too girly, nonetheless we wanted to keep some pinkish elements in there,” says Roper Tolbert. “I wanted it to be unequivocally light and neutral and airy, and unequivocally splendid and open. we feel like we achieved that. we didn’t wish it to be too frilly, nonetheless we still wanted it to feel like a girl’s room.”

Emerson’s room includes a bullion canopy bed — Roper Tolbert’s favorite aspect — as good as a white bookcase and changing table. There’s also a gray and white rocking chair, that facilities a sham temperament all 3 family members‘ names.

“A lot of a rest of a residence is unequivocally contemporary, and we wanted her room to have a density to it,” Roper Tolbert explains of selecting a chair. “I wanted to supplement a few pieces that felt vintage. A lot of people get gliders that are some-more normal rocking chairs, nonetheless we wanted a block that stood out. Even nonetheless it’s a matter piece, it’s still unequivocally comfortable.”

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There’s also a hulk 8-ft.-tall teddy bear appearing in a dilemma — an component a integrate says they purchased prolonged before Emerson even arrived. Tolbert reveals he had to have a super-sized plush after spotting it during an part of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The hothouse has some singular pattern elements, including a smart shiplap wall. “We motionless to do that in a bedroom when we built a house, and afterwards extended it into a hothouse to tie them together,” says Tolbert.

“It’s a unequivocally singular room. All a other bedrooms are only block bedrooms, nonetheless that space is only unequivocally different, that is because we wanted it for Emerson,” adds Roper Tolbert.

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Modsy uses 3D cognisance record to emanate an online indication of users’ rooms, in that designers afterwards curate products from 100 opposite retailers like West Elm and Target. Users can select between dual opposite programs, and eventually confirm that suggested products they purchase.

“The engineer we worked with helped give us suggestions and it was unequivocally cold to see a room come together,” says Roper Tolbert. “It done it a whole lot easier for us given we weren’t nonetheless prepared.”

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Roper Tolbert — who just non-stop adult about Emerson’s warn early attainment in a vlog — says a tot is now “doing unequivocally well” and “growing great.”

“She’s during a age where she’s ostensible to be removing her initial smile, so we’re watchful for that — not nonetheless though,” she shares excitedly.

The new father reveals he’s taken to his duties as Emerson’s bath-giver, while his mother explains, “I’m in full mom mode now. It’s extraordinary how we only know what to do, even nonetheless there’s no manual.”