‘Bachelor’ Castoff Joining ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?: we Have ‘Mixed Feelings’ About It

Nooo!!! We’re still in startle that Nick Viall sent home such a stunner Feb. 27 on a eve of his Fantasy Suite dates. The separated beauty common on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ that it has left her with mixed feelings about perplexing to find adore again on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (MAJOR spoiler ahead).

How did this happen?! Corinne Olympios, 24, has been perplexing to nap with Nick Viall, 36, all deteriorate prolonged on The Bachelor and only when we suspicion they would finally get a possibility to offshoot up, he separated her during his Feb. 27 rose ceremony! Apparently her “platinum vagine” wasn’t adequate to keep a blonde around, and now she’s revelation Jimmy Kimmel that after all a heartbreak, she competence spin down a possibility to seem on Bachelor in Paradise.

The horde excitedly asked her when she was going to start filming that uncover and she shot him down hard, revelation him, “I wasn’t even invited yet. we don’t know if we would wish to go.” WHAT?! Corinne has done for a best TV during season 21 and we can’t wait to see what would occur if she finished adult acid for adore again with other series cast-offs. Jimmy told her, “I’m mouth-watering we if no one has. Of march you’re invited, you’re a best one on a show! You have to be invited.”

Corinne honestly seemed like she wasn’t into a idea. She didn’t demeanour during all vehement about a awaiting and shrugged off a notion. “I don’t know, it’s to early to tell. we have churned feelings about it,” she revealed. We can see since she competence have second thoughts about appearing on BiP, as she pronounced that a modifying on The Bachelor done her demeanour like such a terrible person. She also revealed that a knowledge done her hatred a show’s signature flower, quipping,”If anyone tries to give me red roses again we competence punch them in a face.”

The Bachelor Season 21 — See Pics

We certain wish this isn’t a final we’ve seen of Corinne as she supposing SO most party on a The Bachelor, fast apropos deteriorate 21’s knave with her contemptuous competitiveness for Nick’s affections. From creation a hunk lick churned cream off of her exposed breast to constantly interrupting his one on one time with other ladies, she done it transparent she wanted him large time yet it wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully she’ll get another shot during adore on Bachelor in Paradise, since Bachelorette knave Chad Johnson, 28, has already been expel for deteriorate four, We can’t wait to see a sparks that would fly between these dual troublemakers! You hear us Mike Fleiss? Sign Corinne adult ASAP before she decides for good that she doesn’t wish to be a expel member!

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Corinne will finish adult on Bachelor in Paradise? Was she faking us out by appearing uninterested?