Bachelor 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins Dating Becca Tilley and Amber James – Chris Soules’ Exes Join Season 20

Bachelor 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins Dating Becca Tilley and Amber James - Chris Soules’ Exes Join Season 20

Two of Bachelor Chris Soules’ exes are dating Ben Higgins! According to Bachelor 2016 spoilers, Ben Higgins has strictly began filming his hunt for adore (and presumably a wife), and he met a 25 women that will be opposed for his Neil Lane rendezvous ring final week. Bachelor spoiler aristocrat Reality Steve took to Twitter and announced that Becca Tilley and Amber James are both members of a Season 20 expel and are now competing for Higgins.

Bachelor 2016 spoilers have been teasing for weeks now that Chris Soules’s runner-up Becca Tilley was fasten Season 20 of a ABC existence TV show. It was flattering most a no-brainer, Tilley publicly asked Chris Harrison on amicable media if she could date Ben Higgins, and joked that he was accurately what she was looking for in a destiny husband. For those of we who don’t remember, Tilley done it to Chris Soules’ final dual – and afterwards right before a final rose rite she sensitive him that if he chose her – she wasn’t removing married and wasn’t “ready.” Obviously, Chris chose Whitney instead. Who wants to get down on one knee and introduce to a lady who privately told we forward of time that she will contend “no?”

As for Amber James, we unequivocally have no thought what her offered indicate is. She has been on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise, was dumped on both shows, and we still know little-to-nothing about her. We’re a small confused because Chris Harrison would recast her again, generally after she has now been dumped by Chris Soules and Dan Cox. Don’t get us wrong, we’re certain she is ideally good – though we’re still uncertain because of all a Bachelor Nation exiles … a producers chose to move HER back?

Bachelor fans, are we as vehement as we are for a Bachelor deteriorate 20 premiere? Do we consider Ben Higgins will breeze adult intent to Becca Tilley or Amber James, or will it be a new lady that we have never listened of? Let us know what we consider in a comments below!

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