Babu Antony shoots for American film Bullets, Blades and Blood

Babu Antony Bullets, Blades and Blood
Babu Antony Bullets, Blades and Blood Babu Antony sharpened for Bullets, Blades and Blood.

Actor Babu Antony, who is a famous face in Malayalam and Tamil film industry, is now in Pittsburg sharpened for an arriving American film patrician Bullets, Blades and Blood.

The movement film is destined by Warren Foster and has five-time Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion Robert Farham in a lead role.

According to a summary for a film accessible during IMDb, Bullets, Blades and Blood follows a hitman called Marcus Blades. “His goal is to kidnap a rising RB thespian though is targeted for genocide instead. Marcus seeks punish opposite those who tract his passing and he wants remuneration for a pursuit he has done.”

Babu Antony plays a purpose of a hero’s crony in a actioner. The film also stars several achieved martial humanities experts including Chyna McCoy and Tony “The Tiger” Lopez. The filming is approaching to be finished by Apr 19.

Babu Antony was final year seen in Tamil patrolman film Adanga Maru and Malayalam duration play Kayamkulam Kochunni. Both a films emerged hits during a box office.