BA probes organisation member’s anti-Nigerian Snapchat rant

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British Airways has launched an review after a staff member posted an descent diatribe on a amicable app Snapchat.

The moody attendant filmed herself before operative on a moody to Nigeria. She mocked Nigerian accents and done licentious remarks about physique parts.

A endangered member of staff who saw a video common it with a Daily Mail.

BA said: “We design a pinnacle professionalism from a staff when they are representing British Airways.

“We will not endure descent comments about a business and will always take a suitable action.”

In a video – captioned “I can’t cope with this flight” – a lady can be listened putting on a feign Nigerian accent.

“All a Nigerians are gonna be there like ‘gimme Coca Cola, gimme me beef, because we have no beef left? we wish beef’,” she says.

Referring in pithy denunciation to a distance of Nigerian men’s genitals, she afterwards goes on to explain that all a Nigerian passengers will ask for upgrades.

She can also be listened angry that she has to work on a Friday dusk while others are drinking.

Many in Nigeria have used amicable media to conflict to a moody attendant’s comments. Alao Abayomi said: “Even if we like giveaway stuff, that does not meant we massage a noses in it.

“The income they make in Nigeria alone, is adequate for us to ask some-more than upgrades. Please let her bosses ascent her punishment to pouch level.”