Azealia Banks Dissing Rihanna in New Angry Twitter Rant?: See The Tweets

Azealia Banks hasn’t gotten into a Twitter argument for awhile, so she was overdue for a good one! This time, her aim only could be Rihanna, if a critical of cryptic, scornful tweets are about a singer, as many believe. Click by to see for yourself!

Not that Wednesday, Dec 23 was any kind of holiday, though Azealia Banks gave us all a present anyway by removing into one of her signature Twitter feuds — this time potentially with Rihanna. The dual artists are reportedly collaborating on RiRi’s new album, and from a sound of Azealia’s mysterious tweets, a partnership isn’t function anymore. Click by to review a tweets!

This quarrel might not be with Rihanna, though it positively sounds like it! It was rumored that Azealia would be featured on Rihanna’s new album, and her tweets are about someone she was collaborating with — until they had some artistic differences. The chairman didn’t like a approach Azealia apparently domineered their work, and “chickened out” on a collaboration, according to a rapper.

Maybe Rihanna held breeze of Azealia’s rumpus during a UpDown nightclub in Manhattan on Dec 16? Azealia attempted to celebration pile-up a private event, and was mad when a confidence ensure didn’t commend her, or a fact that she was a celebrity. She shouted that she was a celeb, and that she was on Rihanna’s manuscript Anti. Name dropping a nonetheless different collaboration? Not good, Azealia.

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To make matters worse, she pushed and shoved a guard, and bit her boob. She was subsequently arrested and charged with assault, disorderly control and harassment. It’s a probability that Rihanna indeed became dissapoint about Azealia perplexing to use her name to get into a club, afterwards working terribly!

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HollywoodLifers, are we repelled that Azealia got into nonetheless another Twitter feud? Tell us in a comments!