Australia in South China Sea flights

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Australia pronounced a P-3 Orion notice aircraft (seen here in a record picture) was carrying out what it called “a slight nautical patrol”

The Australian troops is carrying out “freedom of navigation” flights over doubtful islands in a South China Sea, a BBC has uncovered.

In November, US B-52 bombers flew over a area angering China. The US insists on a right to make such flights.

In a new municipal flight, a BBC group intercepted radio communications display a Australian troops is also handling such flights in a area.

Australia’s counterclaim dialect reliable a flights to a BBC.

The BBC’s Rupert Wingfield Hayes is warned by a Chinese Navy as he investigates island-building.

Media captionAustralian commander warns Chinese Navy of his aircraft’s presence

“China navy China navy we are an Australian aircraft sportive general leisure of navigation rights, in general airspace in suitability with a general polite aviation convention, and a joined nations gathering of a law of a sea – over,” pronounced a summary listened by a BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes while on house a Philippines municipal aircraft.

In a matter a Department of Defence pronounced one of a P-3 Orion notice aircraft was carrying out what it called “a slight nautical patrol” as partial of a efforts to contend informal confidence and fortitude in a region.

China is sealed in territorial disputes in a South China Sea. It claims vast swathes of a South China Sea – an area tangible by a “nine-dash line”. Vietnam and a Philippines have both contested this claim.

The doubtful Spratly Islands are regarded as one of a intensity geopolitical flashpoints of a 21st Century, a correspondents say.

China has been regulating land reclamation to enhance islands and is building runways on them, sparking snub from a neighbours. The US has warned China to stop all land reclamation activity.

What is Freedom of Navigation?

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The US Freedom of Navigation programme hurdles what it deems to be “excessive claims” to a world’s oceans and airspace.

It was grown to foster general confluence to a UN Convention on a Law of a Sea, even yet a US has not rigourously validated a treaty.

In 2013 and 2014, a US conducted Freedom of Navigation operations of opposite kinds opposite China, Malaysia, a Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam – any of whom occupies domain in a South China Sea.

China’s island factory

Why is a South China Sea contentious?

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