Audience creates or breaks a star: Abir Chatterjee

“The yardstick of stardom hinges on a greeting of a audience,” Abir Chatterjee said.

Popular Bengali actor Abir Chatterjee feels his womanlike fans will drive divided if two-three films explosve during a box office.

“Yes we enjoyed a acclamation during film promos of ‘Har Har Byomkesh’, ‘Kathmundu’ or ‘Badshahi Angti’ in past. But if a wish to click selfie with me does not get translated into a wish to book tickets for 3 some-more arriving films, we will be stranded in a 2015 selfie mode. This is loyal for any and every actor,” Abir told PTI.

“The yardstick of stardom hinges on a greeting of a audience, “I feel good though we need to watch my films,” Abir said.

The actor, who will not enter into any comparison with Jisshu Sengupta as a new sleuth in Anjan Dutta’s “Byomkesh Baksi”, pronounced he was grateful to a directors for charity him opposite shades of roles.

“The executive is always critical for me – be it Sandip Ray, Arindam Sil (Har Har Byomkesh), Srijit Mukherjee or Ranjan Ghosh (who had destined Hrid Majharey desirous by Shakespeare’s Macbeth),” he said.

Asked if a success of a film depends some-more on a recognition of an actor given a assembly supposed him both as Feluda in “Badshahi Angti” and Byomkesh Bakshi in “Har Har Byomkesh”, Abir said, “The credit for a film’s success goes to a director.”

Asked about his chemistry with Raima Sen, with whom he had worked in 5 films including a arriving Sandip Ray film, Abir said, “I don’t trust dual actors have to be genuine life friends to uncover on shade chemistry.

“Had it been so, afterwards we would have to dedicate 3 genuine life murders to execute a impression of a agreement torpedo in a film. But yes, if we know your co-actor afterwards it helps in gauging any other’s response during discourse smoothness during shots,” he said.

Happy with a success of “Har Har Byomkesh”, that was enjoying full shows given a mid-December release, Abir said, “I consider there is no counterbalance in portraying Feluda and Byomkesh during a same time. Today’s assembly don’t container an actor in one role.”

The actor is now dubbing for his arriving film “Manchora” by Sandip Ray to be expelled in Jan subsequent year.