At a impulse we’re in a section where we feel ashamed: Jose Mourinho

Chelsea, Chelsea football, Jose Mourinho, Mourinho, Jose Mourinho football, chelsea vs Leicester, Leicester, football news, premier joining news, premier league, football Jose Mourinho steady his perspective that Chelsea won’t validate for Champions League. (Source: Source)

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho watched his group humour a 2-1 detriment during table-topping Leicester City on Monday and afterwards pronounced he felt ashamed during their squalid Premier League position and tricked by his players.

The champions have now mislaid 9 of their 16 joining games and mount one indicate above a relegation section in 16th place after goals from Leicester’s Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez cursed a visitors to another unpleasant defeat.

Vardy volleyed home Mahrez’s accurate worried cranky after 34 mins and Algeria brazen Mahrez teased Cesar Azpilicueta on a right side of a area before curling a high left-foot shot into a distant dilemma 3 mins after a break.

“We conceded dual goals that were unsuitable for me since we know one of my best qualities is to review a diversion for my players, to review a opponents, to brand each fact about a foe and these dual goals…” pronounced Mourinho.

“The transformation of Vardy between a dual executive defenders, a cranky with a left (foot by Mahrez), afterwards Mahrez in a box, one opposite one that we wish one opposite dual since we wish a midfield actor to tighten a best feet (of Mahrez).

“They are dual goals (that are) unequivocally formidable to accept, large disappointment to accept, since we feel like my work was tricked if it’s a right word,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.

“All final deteriorate we did unusual work and we brought them (Chelsea’s players) to a turn that is not their level, that is some-more than they unequivocally are, or this deteriorate we are doing so bad that a players for some reason — I’m not observant all of them of course, we don’t wish to put some of them in a same basket — though clearly with some of them it’s so difficult.”

Mourinho injected some life into his deflated side by bringing on Loic Remy for midfielder Oscar after 65 mins and a Frenchman delivered a idea 12 mins after from a cranky by associate surrogate Pedro though Chelsea could not find an equaliser.

The outcome has left a champions 14 points outward a Champions League places, and 20 behind Leicester, withdrawal Mourinho to repeat his perspective that Chelsea won’t validate for Europe’s chosen bar foe around their joining placing.

“We can’t finish tip four, though we can still finish tip 6 since so many teams are dropping points,” he told a BBC.

“But during a impulse we’re in a section where we feel ashamed.”

“I accept we are in a relegation section though we don’t accept we are in a relegation battle,” a Portuguese manager told a post-match news conference.

“You demeanour during a list and we are there though we consider we are in a relegation conflict if we consider we are there for 3 or 4 months. we don’t consider that.”