Asia Argento Says She Never Knew About Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Obsession’ With Suicide — As Detailed In Startling New Article

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Anthony Bourdain‘s genocide was a startle to his many fans and closest desired ones.

But a signs might have been there all along…

John E. Richters, Ph.D. gathered some of Bourdain’s possess difference that seem to uncover a settlement of a male on a corner of depression.

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The quotes were pulled from a 2016 part of Parts Unknown in that he pronounced a bad hamburger could send him “into a turn of basin that can final for days” all a approach behind to a quote from his 2000 discourse in that he wrote:

“I was definitely depressed… in bed all day, immobilized by guilt, fear, contrition and regret… heart palpitations, terrors, bouts of self-loathing so absolute that usually a suspicion of diving by my sixth-floor window onto Riverside Drive gave me any comfort and authorised me to peace myself into a quiescent sleep.”

Seeing it laid out like that, by someone privately looking for it, repelled even partner Asia Argento, who tweeted on Monday:

See a whole essay HERE. Perhaps during slightest we can improved demeanour for these flags in others? We wish so.

If we or someone we know is deliberation suicide, greatfully hit a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline during 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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