Ashton Kutcher Shows Off His Failed Attempt during Making Paw Patrol Pancakes for His Daughter

Ashton Kutcher says he’s feeling additional “humbled” after attempting to make a special breakfast for his daughter on Thursday morning.

The actor posted a design on his Instagram of a pancake in a figure of what he suspicion demeanour like a dog.

“Was perplexing for a skye from #pawpatrol pancake,” Kutcher posted.

But apparently his 3-year-old daughter, Wyatt, with wife Mila Kunis, wasn’t all that impressed.

“My daughter [says], ‘what’s this suspect to be?’” he added. “#humbled.”

While we consider Kutcher’s pancake art is flattering impressive, a 40-year-old might be meddlesome in holding some lessons (or inspiration) from another Hollywood star: Jimmy Kimmel.

The late night horde has been defeat adult a most artistic pancakes for his possess 3-year-old daughter, Jane, and mostly shares a final products on Instagram.

He many recently done Oscar pancakes a morning of a Academy Awards, though he’s also been famous to make opposite characters like pigs, Thomas a Tank Engine and a special Cupid for Valentine’s Day.

But Kutcher shouldn’t feel down that his breakfast art isn’t adult to Kimmel’s standards. Kimmel’s mother Molly recently non-stop adult in an letter penned for a Washington Post, joking about how irritating her husband’s pancake art can be.

“Jimmy is an glorious cook. we do not take that for granted,” she wrote. “He enjoys it, and we suffer eating, and that creates for a happy home. Until a pancakes showed up. And now we feel inadequate.”